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The best exposed acne treatment you can find involves not only correct use of medications like acne cleansers and body washes, but consistent application of new habits that will help prevent acne breakouts in the first place.

There are any number of ways a person can treat exposed acne. Today you can buy many medications and cleansers,Guest Posting and picking the right one can be a challenge. Researching your options before you buy is always important, and read what other people are saying out there on the internet so you can make a good choice. What works for others may or may not work for you depending on a bunch of factors that may very well be unique.

Deep lesions or infections are different from exposed acne. Exposed acne is exactly as its name suggests, it is exposed on the skin. Most of us experience this type of acne as a teenager and sometimes we have to deal with it before going out on a date. It most commonly consists of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Sometimes you will get the occasional cyst. Lighter cases of acne can usually be controlled with some simple washing and cleansing. If you have a heavier case of acne, you will have to use some more concentrated acne cleansers and perhaps even some prescription acne medications may be required.

Acne Cleansers

Applying an acne cleanser after you wash your skin is an important part of good acne control. Most cleansers come formulated for sensitive skin or not. If you have sensitive skin make sure and get one that works for your skin type. Acne cleansers will remove makeup and excess oil on the skin. The also remove any other dirt and debris that might be clogging up your pores. If you use an acne cleanser after washing, you are doing a simple first step in an effective acne treatment. There are many different styles of cleansers - 4-1 cleansers, foaming cleansers, the list is endless. Once again, make sure you do your research.

Acne Medications

After you've thoroughly washed and used an acne cleanser, there are a number of acne medicines you can choose to use. The most common ones are benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acid. Benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria that lives in the oils on your skin. This is the bacteria that helps acne grow. You should choose a cream with at least 2.5% benzoyl peroxide to be effective. Be gentle when applying any acne product. Use a soft cotton pad or your hands, never a rough cloth. Alpha hydroxy acid is good for more severe cases of acne. It works best at 5-8% concentration. Alpha Hydroxy is definitely a stronger approach to acne control than benzoyl peroxide. Of course, because it is stronger it can also irrate the skin a lot easier. Make sure you really require it before you use it.


Accutane can be another medication you can look into if cleansers and other acne medications are not getting rid of your acne. Accutance is in pill form and most doctors prescribe it for 6-8 weeks. Accutane works at eliminating acne at the cellular level to change the way the body manufactures natural oils. It reduces oil production and also helps with the actual chemical makeup of the oil produced. This causes it to clog your pores less. Accutane is also a strong anti-inflammatory. Accutane can have some harmful side effects. Make sure all other forms of acne control have been tried. Some of the minor side effects are depression, joint pain, and headaches. Some of the more serious ones are respiratory symptoms, inflammatory bowl disease, and vision problems. Obviously you have to see a doctor to even get your hands on this medication, so make sure he or she recommends this acne treatment before trying it.

Acne scarring

Some people can have a bad case of acne that can lead to scarring. There are a few good medical treatments you can look into if this is the case. Some of these include micro pigmentation, isolagen, subcision, scalpel excision, and skin needling. These are medical procedures, and all medical procedures have certain risks. Please make sure you do some research online to find out if any of these seem right for you. Always talk to your doctor or dermatologist before undertaking any acne treatments.

Natural Acne Control Methods

Before using any kind of acne products, there are a lot of things that don't require any kind of medication that you can do to try and prevent acne. Don't wear tight clothing. This will help you not to sweat too much. Wear light, breathable fibers whenever possible. Rough materials will only irritate your skin. Whenever you do sweat, take a shower as soon as possible. Then dry your skin well and always put on fresh clothes. Dirty clothes can transfer all kinds of oils and dead skin cells onto your freshly washed skin. Always keep your hair washed and if you have longer hair, wear it up so it is off of your face and neck. Keep your pillowcases and sheets freshly laundered. If you have bacne, avoid wearing heavy backpacks. Drinking lots of water can help your body flush away toxins. Avoid fatty foods and greasy foods. If you do indulge in greasy foods, make sure to wash your hands before you touch your face. Always try and clear up any constipation as soon as possible. Try to minimize stress as much as you can. It's always recommended to get some regular exercise every day.

Doing all of the acne control steps I've talked about here will have you on your way to minimizing your breakouts and perhaps eliminating acne altogether. The internet is a wealth of information, so read acne forums and do research on different acne treatments. Reading about what has worked for others may just help you discover an effective exposed acne treatment that will work for you.

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