Blood Pressure Kit: Your Doctor At Home

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A blood pressure kit helps you keep an eye on your health and potentially saves your precious life. Read on to know more about it.

Studies reveal that blood pressure is the major medical problem in the world. An abnormal stress on the circulatory system leads to blood pressure and other related diseases such as stroke,Guest Posting heart attack and heart failure.

Generally, high blood pressure has no specific symptom; the only way to know about it is to have some medical tests done. A regular check-up of blood pressure is essential to monitor your health and to prevent the conditions from worsening further. In standard blood pressure measuring system, doctors use an arm cuff which is pumped up and the result is displayed on the setting.

According to a survey published in `Journal of American Medical Association` measuring blood pressure at home shows a better overall result than that at the doctors` place. Invention of different blood pressure kits has made the process easier for the patients who shy away from doctors. Well, a study conducted in 2004 and presented in European Society of Hypertension meeting disclosed that people having their blood pressure monitored at home show better overall result than those who have it done at their doctor`s office. In many case the inflated reading is due to the tension felt in the doctor`s clinic.

While buying your blood pressure kit to measure blood pressure at home you should look for certain thing in the particular device. Heart monitoring device, home blood pressure machine, remote monitoring equipment are the indispensable features of your home blood pressure kit. Rest of the thing, that you need, depends upon the advice of your doctor.

However, there are different types of blood pressure monitors. The old fashioned monitors that use an arm cuff are the cheapest ones. But, it is not suitable for the person who wants to conduct a test on himself. It requires someone to assist in pumping the machine, and checking the flow of blood with a stethoscope to read the output. To sum it up, it is best for the doctors.

With everything going modern you can find modern blood pressure kit, the electronic measuring device that has got an built in sensor to monitor blood circulation and provides digital readouts. It has also got an LCD monitor to display result. The electronic blood pressure kit has options for you to choose from whether you want a manual pump or electronic automatic pump. The test report by the American Academi of Family Phisician displays that the finger and wrist blood pressure devices are sensitive to position and body temperature and cannot give an accurate result every time.

While purchasing your home blood pressure kit take care of certain inevitable aspects of the device.

1. The cuff that you are taking should properly fit to your arm; otherwise, it may give you a wrong reading.

2. The monitor should properly display the readouts. Numbers should be clearly visible.

3. You should be able to hear your heartbeat through the stethoscope.

4. Though majority of people prefer to check their blood pressure at home, it is advisable to get their blood pressure kit checked by the doctor at least once to ensure accurate result.

It is true that the use of home blood pressure kit has increased remarkably. The blood pressure Agency is now working with British standards institute and Medical Devices Agency to check and test the home medical equipments to ensure their accuracy. At times, it may not be possible for you to visit the doctor to check blood pressure. But if you are keeping a blood pressure kit handy with you, it will be beneficial for you as you can keep a watch on your health anywhere, any time.

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