Braces and Invisalign for Adults: How old is too old for braces or Invisalign

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This article provides appropriate guidance about orthodontic treatments for adults.

In modern times,Guest Posting braces for Adults have gained significant popularity though this was a treatment sought after more by teenagers in the past. In every cities more and more adults are visiting Invisalign Dentist for teeth straightening disregarding the high costs and extended period of time associated with the procedure. Let us, therefore, explore some of the factors that are motivating young Canadians to chase their perfect smile with the help of Invisalign for adults.

Many reasons to seek orthodontic treatments

Not every individual is gifted with a perfect set of dentures. The balance, however, tilts very favourably for Canadians and a good percentage of the population has no reason to visit a dentist, at least in their prime years of life. But the rest of the population is not equally lucky and many adults have dental issues like a bad bite, crooked teeth, underbite, overbite, etc. Genetics is considered as the root cause of many of the commonly occurring orthodontic problems. Prolonged habits developed during early childhood, like thumb sucking or biting the lips can also contribute to misaligned front teeth. Advancing age is another factor that can cause our teeth to shift position or gum issues to develop. In some instances, this can also mean that individuals who have had orthodontic treatments in their childhood and ignored wearing the retainers following the instructions given by their dentist may need further treatment by a competent dentist during their adulthood. 

Who should consider orthodontic treatments?

For most adults experiencing problems of uneven bites, crooked teeth, overbites (protruding teeth) facial/jaw asymmetry, realigning teeth as a precursor to placing crown, veneers, and implants, etc orthodontic treatments can bring the desired relief. However, orthodontic treatments are suitable across age profiles and an Invisalign Dentist can give you appropriate guidance. 

Common orthodontic treatments for adults

Some adults may not fancy wearing metal braces and think they are not appealing enough. Some others are also concerned that wearing these braces may invite unwanted impacts, for instance giving them a self-conscious look at the workplace or in social gatherings. But, with modern technology, much of the concerns associated with metal braces have disappeared making braces a viable option for nearly every adult including a wide array of discreet options. This is further demonstrated by the fact that over 20% of all orthodontic patients are indeed adults and appropriate treatment options fitting comfortably with individual lifestyles are available. An experienced orthodontist in your neighbourhood can give you competent advice on Invisalign for adults.

Clear aligners

Invisalign belongs to the group of clear aligners and is a widely accepted option for adults needing orthodontic treatment. These transparent pieces are custom-moulded plastic sitting over your teeth and they can be shifted gradually. Often times, these are also called ‘invisible braces’ due to their subtlety and also represent a removable appliance. Usually, you would be required to wear Invisalign for about 22 hours every day though you can remove them while drinking, eating and for the purpose of cleaning the appliance. 

Invisalign is a simple, effective, and comfortable treatment option. However, you are expected to be disciplined to follow instructions on wearing and caring for the appliance. Similar to other treatment options, only a qualified Invisalign dentist should carry out the procedure for you for best results. 


Over the years, braces have undergone serious changes and the days when your singular option was the metal braces are gone. Today, adult braces are more comfortable and significantly smaller compared to their past forms. Ceramic braces and tooth coloured braces are a lot subtler, thanks to advances made in orthodontic technology. With newer technologies giving patients more choices on the treatment type, braces continue to be the best way for patients seeking dramatic results within a short space of time. Remember also that there is no prescribed age limit for choosing orthodontic procedures like invisalign or braces.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are similar to traditional braces except that they get bonded to the backside of the teeth compared to the front side in the case of clear aligners like Invisalign. Some people prefer this since no one can see that they have braces. However, lingual braces tend to be expensive and the time needed for adjustments can be more than the regular braces. But, the advantage is that they are incredibly effective. Lingual braces are most suited for individuals seeking discreet treatment options to get that alluring smile. 

Straight teeth mean healthy teeth too

Apart from the enhanced appearance of the smile, opting for an orthodontic treatment has many other reasons too.

Often times, patients feel psychologically benefited from an orthodontic procedure with a boost to their self-confidence. Further, a beautiful and healthy smile reassures people in their professional lives and personal life alike giving them the confidence needed to succeed irrespective of whether they are on a first date or in the boardroom. 

Apart from the psychological benefits, straight teeth also help in easier cleaning and better functioning potentially limiting chances of gum problems and tooth decay. Further, in association with other dental and medical specialists, your Invisalign dentist Etobicoke can help with diagnosing and managing health issues like problems with jaw joints and sleep apnea. 

Whenever you decide on orthodontic treatment, simply Google ‘Invisalign dentist near me’ and you are sure to be in safe hands

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