Can Hernia Surgery cause impotence?

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Hernia surgery might cause fear that it will cause infertility. The risk associated after hernia repair surgery and its consequences on male fertility.

Hernia Surgery is performed when the inner lining of the abdominal wall pushes from the weakened area forming a balloon like sac. It forms a loop in intestine which further slips in to the sac causing pain and discomfort. The Hernia occurring in the abdomen can be visible in upper thigh,Guest Posting belly, and groin. Hernia can be by birth, due to family history, by lifting heavy weight, chronic constipation, chronic cough, cystic fibrosis, enlarged prostrate and strain while urinating. The signs of hernia include an itching sensation in the abdomen area or groin, swelling underneath the skin, a bulge when lying down, and extreme pain. 

Hernia Surgery

Hernia Surgery is performed depending upon the size of the Hernia. Hernia Repair Surgery is performed when Hernia becomes enlarged. The hernia repair Surgery is performed by an open technique or a laparoscopic technique. The position of hernia is determines the kind of technique that is to be carried out for repair. In the open technique, on the swelled portion a cut is made and hernia is taken out. The hernia is repaired by sewing the hole in the abdominal wall. In the open technique, the hole is closed up by the patching the hole with a surgical mesh.

The other technique of Hernia Repair Surgery is laparoscopic technique. In this the repairing is carried out by a tiny camera. Small incisions are made in the abdomen so as to repair it. Although, the laparoscopic technique is not fruitful for all types of hernias. In cases, where a part of intestine moves down to the scrotum, then this technique is not carried out.

Effect of Hernia in male fertility

In general cases, Hernia does not affect the fertility in men. Till now, no researches have indicated that a hernia can cause infertility. However, there have been many cases seen in which people suffering from Hernia are infertile. Hernia is not related to infertility. It is preferred to check for other issues also in cases of the men who have Hernia and suffer from infertility. The semen analysis is done in such people to find the accurate cause of infertility. 

Hernia’s Sexual Side effects

It is unlikely that hernia may affect the man’s ability to maintain an erection or achieve orgasm or to ejaculate. The Hernia bulges out the internal organs and in almost all the cases include the groin area. The most common Hernia is called inguinal hernia that does not distort or compress the blood vessels or the nerves that are involved in controlling penile erection and ejaculation. Although, in some cases of severe Hernia it may affect the functioning of the male reproductive system. The severe Hernia cases affect the testicular functioning and the hormonal secretion in males. In some cases researches show, the severity reduces the level of testosterone hormone. The decrease in hormone causes sexual dis-functioning like decreased urge to have sex, difficulty in ejaculation, low sexual power etc.

Hernia repair Surgery and its relation to infertility

Hernia repair surgery or inguinal hernia does not affect fertility in men. It is the procedure performed while the surgery is being carried out that may affect the fertility. Surgery in some cases may cause injury to vas Deferens which may lead to infertility. Vas Deferens is a tiny muscular tube in the male reproductive system that carries sperm from the epididymis to the ejaculatory duct. Any defect in it, may cause ejaculation problem that further makes semen ejaculation difficult. It is not yet known how often or to what degree this affects a man's ability to father a child. Some of the cases have occurred in past, in which the surgery has injured the blood vessels that supplies one or both testicles with blood, which may cause the affected testicle to shrink. This shrinking decreases the sperm count and may lead to infertility. Both the above mention situation occurring during surgery are also seen during in case of incarcerated Hernia. Hernia Repair surgery thus does not cause infertility but, minute mistakes is what may lead to infertility.

After the Hernia Repair Surgery, there are also chances that the blood supply to the testis may cause to low testosterone levels. However, these kind of chances are rare as men have two testis, and one side alone can produce adequate hormonal levels, there would need to be a problem with the opposite testis in order to cause such a rare abnormality. But in some cases the one of the testis does not produce enough testosterone to achieve the orgasm. All these problems, are somewhere or the other related to infertility and sexual difficulties.

Risks of Hernia Repair Surgery

Hernia Repair surgery comes with few risks. Hernia reoccurs in around 10% of the cases after the repair surgery. It reoccurs in a span of three to four years. The other complications that may be faced after the Hernia Repair Surgery are as follows:

  • Blood or fluid buildup in the space left by the Hernia which in general cases becomes better on its own
  • Swelling and bruising of the testicles or the base area of penis
  • Pain around the penis
  • Pain or numbness in and around the groin area due to nerve damage or being trapped during the surgery
  • Damage to the blood supply to the testicle
  • Damage to the vas deferens

All the above listed complications are bound to increase the chance of infertility or may even lead to complete infertility in rare cases. The damage and deformities caused during the surgery to the nerves and blood vessels is the major reason of infertility after the hernia replacement surgery.

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