Can You Eat As Much As You Want Of Negative Calorie Foods?

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Negative calorie foods are foods that you can eat without worrying about the effects of weight gain. What can negative calorie foods do for weight loss and can you actually live on a negative calorie food diet?

Negative calorie foods are foods that you can eat without worrying about the effects on your waistline! But,Guest Posting when eating out, lots of restaurants serve these foods with lots of mayonnaise, sugar or sauces which don't help at all. What can negative calorie foods do for our weight loss and can you actually live on a negative calorie food diet?

When you eat negative calorie foods it means that you burn more calories in eating and digesting the food than the food is actually made up from. During the day we burn calories all of the time and even when we are sleeping. Many very low calorie foods are also described as negative calorie foods.

Celery is probably the most widely known negative calorie food. It is very low in calories and takes time and energy to eat, but only if you eat it whole including the stringy fibres.

If you ate celery all the time you would not put on any weight, but it would not do you any good. Celery does not provide your body with all the nutritional requirements that it needs to survive. Anorexia suffers will often will only eat negative calorie foods, which shows that it is not healthy to eat nothing but these sorts of foods.

Negative calorie foods make great snacks. To get the best effect for weight loss, be sure to chew them thoroughly and do not make them into soup or juice. No calorie foods are best eaten raw, when ever possible. This is easy with fruits like apples, berries, pineapple and grapefruit which are all low calorie, high fibre foods. Do watch out when eating other fruits as they can be more calorie-dense.

Eating vegetables raw can be a bit more difficult and is not always necessary. Many vegetables foods can be chopped-up into smaller pieces to make them easier to eat. Below is a list of 10 negative calorie vegetables and you will see that most of them can be prepared for raw eating.

Top 10 List Of Negative Calorie Foods.

1. asparagus (break it into bite sized pieces and add to salad)

2. broccoli (these can be mixed in a food processor with a few tomatoes and used as a dressing).

3. carrot (a great snack eaten whole or grated).

4. cauliflower (like broccoli)

5. cabbage (used raw in coleslaw, but don't add any mayonnaise!)

6. celery stalks

7. cucumber (a tasty addition to any salad).

8. lettuce

9. spinach

10. tomato

You can create a tasty salad from five to seven of the foods on this list and it would provide an excellent low calorie snack that would take time to eat and leave you feeling full. Another option is doing a raw or negative calorie detox for a few days but do talk to you doctor about this first.

As great as negative calorie foods are, you do need to be careful when eating a lot of them. If you eat a lot of some of the foods they can be damaging id eaten in excess because of substances that they contain. For example, the acid in pineapples and grapefruits. Also you could suffer from allergies or diarrhoea if a lot of negative calorie foods are eaten in large quantities.

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