Chinese Medicine Insomnia: The Inside Problem

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Insomnia is constantly on the rise. There are always new problems arising that cause us to lose sleep. Chinese medicine may have the cure for insomnia. The traditional medicine has been around for many centuries, but it has been decreased in usage. Maybe we should give it a look.

People go without sleep constantly. Everyday there is something causing us to lose sleep. Whether it is stress,Guest Posting work, school, or anxiety, insomnia can come about. On top of the already ailing problems, insomnia can cause other health problems. Traditional Chinese medicine has its own way of dealing with insomnia and curing it.

Our medicine is greatly different than that of traditional Chinese medicine. For example, most people with insomnia will go to their doctor and be prescribed a sleeping pill. Chinese medicine takes a different route. It is a more natural route that chooses to find the real reason you are suffering from insomnia. One of those ways is that the major organs of the body house our Spirit and when there is a problem with those organs insomnia is just one of the many problems that arise.

Traditional Chinese medical books have many listings of insomnia and what causes it. There are also many different types of insomnia that give variations of why the person is losing sleep. Some of these types are dream-disturbed sleep, difficulty falling asleep, waking up easily, and waking up at the same time each night. One or more major organs in the body is the cause of one of these sleep problems.

When Chinese doctors are diagnosing insomnia they tend to look for other symptoms. Whenever the heart and kidney are misaligned, for example, the person will have light headedness, weakness in the lower back, palpitations, and get flushed easily. People with spleen/ heart deficiency are forgetful, have poor concentration, and are constantly worrying.

Chinese doctors observe the kidneys the most when dealing with insomnia problems. The kidneys are the major organs for observing for sleep problems. The kidneys store energy and when they are no longer capable of storing that energy insomnia occurs. It occurs because the excess energy rises up to the heart, which is the spirit. This greatly disturbs the heart and causes the problems.

A cure for insomnia according to Chinese medicine is acupuncture and herbal therapy. People, who have suffered through years of insomnia, find amazing results. Chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, passion flower have been known to be good herbal cures. The medicinal qualities have proven to work. Massages or acupressure, also, tends to work very well. It is like acupressure in that it adjusts the energy within the body.

With our obsession with the quick fix in a little pill, we have forgotten to look at our inner workings to find what is wrong with the outer part. Chinese medicine focuses on a natural healing process to deal with insomnia. We should all try to look into this natural process of curing insomnia.

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