Seven Free Online Resources for Learning Chinese Faster

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Are you learning Chinese? If so,Guest Posting you've already searched the internet for information that'll help you learn Chinese. What do you find? Lots of sites offering free information on learning Chinese.

I did an online search recently and realized that with all the free Chinese language information out there, it can be confusing for a beginner learning Chinese to figure out what's useful and what's not.

For you the Chinese beginner, where should you start? Which are the sites that offer you practical advice and Chinese phrases you can use immediately?

I've put together a select list of useful, free online resources to jump start your learning of Chinese and help you get better results in less time. :-)

Learn Chinese Resource #1:Free mini-course -- “How to Learn Chinese with More Fun and in Less Time in Five Easy Steps” This is the only step-by-step guide available online that gives you proven tips on how to approach the study of Chinese for better and faster results AND the 80% of important basics you’ll need to know -- in 20% of the time.

Many sites on the internet offer free information on learning Chinese. They either provide too much information and get too academic or their information are badly organized.

They don't tell you how you should approach the study of Chinese for better results. How you learn Chinese is more important than what you learn! And they aren’t focused on delivering ONLY the most important basics of listening, speaking, writing, reading you'll need to know at the beginning stage.

That's why I put together this mini-course for you based on my own experience of becoming effectively fluent in spoken and written Chinese. It's a step-by-step guide to learning Chinese for the beginner that’ll save you time (and all the headaches!) and gets you the results you want.


Learn Chinese Resource #2:Chinese PodFree, daily Chinese conversational audio mp3 lessons (called podcasts) based on real situations (ordering food, renting an apartment, talking about yourself etc.) you can download, listen and review on the go to start speaking Mandarin right away

Chinese pod audio lessons are not only free, they're free AND very good. Teachers Ken and Jenny are great teachers. Go download these free audio mp3 Chinese conversational lessons for all levels in the Podcast Archive while you can! Chinese pod offers an interesting and effective way to learn and start speaking Mandarin right away!

Start with their New User Guide. You can sign up for their 7-day trial which gives you access to additional features like dialogue transcripts in Chinese, English, and pinyin, access to their learning Chinese center, and a 30,000 word glossary.


Learn Chinese Resource#3Bryan Todd's “5 Beginner Steps to Learning Chinese Faster”Real experiences of an American learning Chinese in China. Bryan Todd’s funny and useful “5 Beginner Steps to Learning Chinese Faster” free email course doesn't teach you Chinese but describes a beginner's strategy for how to get out into a real Chinese-speaking environment and learn it for yourself.


Learn Chinese Resource #4:BBC Real ChineseFor those who plan to travel to China, learn useful Chinese phrases (note: no Chinese characters, only in pinyin, the Romanized script) for introducing yourself, getting around, shopping, booking a hotel in China etc. in this interesting ten-part, online beginner's Mandarin course in slideshow format with text, images and audio followed by a one-minute video shot in China and cultural notes.


Learn Chinese Resource #5:Chinese ForumsFind like-minded, motivated Chinese learners to discuss topics related to learning Chinese and Chinese culture is an online community of people with an interest in learning Chinese language and culture. When you're just starting to learn Chinese, keeping yourself motivated is vital for getting results. This is where you'll find other motivated Chinese learners of all skill levels to exchange tips and information whether it's about overcoming difficulties in learning Chinese Mandarin or sharing your favorite Chinese movie or travel destination in China.


Learn Chinese Resource #6:CRI RadioA great site to read and listen to radio broadcasts in English and Chinese about China and life in China – China news, culture, sports, travel, entertainment etc.


Learn Chinese Resource #7:Chinese FontsIf you're not reading Chinese characters properly on your computer, like the chinese words for “learn Chinese” 学中文 follow the link to find out how to display and type Chinese fonts on your Windows or Mac computer.


There you have it -- seven free online resources for learning Chinese faster.

If there's any “secret” to learning Chinese faster and with better results, it's this: learn a little, use a lot!

Don't be afraid of making mistakes, or fret about getting the pronunciation right.

Start by speaking Mandarin with Chinese friends whenever you can and you'll be surprised at how much you can accomplish in a short time!

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