Cockroach Worsen Asthma Attack

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Cockroaches are not just threats to food and sanitation (and human peace of mind). In 2006, actress Michelle Rodriguez of the television show "Lost" had to take steroid medication while filming on set in Hawaii. Long allergic to cockroach "pollen" (residues), the tropical environment made roaches and their by-products everywhere on the islands, and everywhere on the set, a health hazard.

A 2005 NIEHS national study3 on factors that affect asthma in inner-city children shows that cockroach allergens appear to worsen asthma symptoms more than other known triggers. Conversely,Guest Posting studies show only 10 percent of homeowners nationwide feel that cockroaches are a health concern versus a just a chore.So pest control at the domestic level needs to be stepped up to meet both market demands and unrecognized health threats to families. Industrial development of better and more efficient domestic and industrial cockroach pest control adapts to meet the demand of current environmental and consumer allowances for toxic substances and safe materials for use in the house and other human occupied buildings where roaches grow.Biological control of cockroaches by wasps has been somewhat effective, but cannot control infestation. Strangely a house centipede is the most effective control agent of cockroaches. Most people are loathe to use this technique inside their home as a logical defense against roaches, however.Preventative measures include sealed food storage, secured garbage cans, frequent and aggressive kitchen and food preparation cleanliness, and regular vacuuming. Home and building construction quality and structural design quality and integrity also co-vary encouragement of cockroach infestation with water leaks, cracked porcelain, faulty drains, and undisputed spaces in walls or unseen areas.ockroach droppings contain allergens that have been shown to trigger asthma in sensitive individuals. Cockroaches thrive in warm environments with easily accessible food and water. Unfortunately, efforts to control cockroach populations in infested areas are often less than successful. Still, certain measures are recommended, including:    * Use multiple baited traps or poisons    * Remove garbage and food waste promptly from the home    * Wash dishes and cooking utensils immediately after use    * Remove cockroach debris quickly    * Eliminate any standing water from leaking faucets or drainsThe combination of cockroach allergy and exposure to cockroach debris makes asthma attacks worse in inner city children - well, in the United States, atleast. This finding has emerged from a study published in the current NewEngland Journal of Medicine.The incidence of asthma is inexorably rising, and no-one's sure why. In somecountries like the United States, the rise is especially notable in innercities, which is why a large study of children in inner city areas wasstarted five years ago.The researchers went in to family homes and analysed dust samples fordifferent allergy-causing substances like cat fur, a tiny insect called thehouse dust mite, and cockroach gubbins.More info of this topic in the links below:cockroach control, insect control, pest controller

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