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If we talk about some common medical issues occurring in senior citizens of India there will be a big list but here we are going to discuss only a couple of the common health issues faced at later stages of life.

The common medical issues occurring in senior citizens of India are numerous but here we are going to discuss only five of the common health issues faced at later stages of life.

Blood Pressure
Blood pressure is one of the common health disorders in aged people. Normally it is 120/80. when it shoots up the said number,Guest Posting it causes high blood pressure and when it shoots down the normal range, its called low blood pressure. If the blood pressure is to high or low , it can be dangerous for ones health. So, it is advisable that the blood pressure is maintained by regular checkups, healthy food habits and regular exercise.

Heart Attack
When there is loss of blood supply to the heart due to some blockage somewhere, death of the heart muscle takes place and that causes heart attack. People having high blood pressure are very much prone to heart attack, if they do not take proper care of themselves. To prevent the same, one has to have a healthy lifestyle besides regular heart checkups.

The body requires insulin that is provided by beta cells in the pancreas. When these cells fail to do their work, the condition called diabetes arises. Diabetes has no cure till date but by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, rather sugar free lifestyle together with regular check ups and medicine, you can keep it under control.

Kidney problems
Any condition or disorder that causes dysfunction of the kidney is called a kidney disorder. This is one of the major health problems in India amongst the elders.  If left untreated kidney dysfunction can lead to kidney failure, heart failure or death. So, it is advisable to keep away from addictions like smoking, keep away from fatty foods and keep blood pressure under control.

Joint inflammation causes Arthritis and can also lead to disability in elderly people.
A balanced diet and regular exercise can help keep your bones in shape other wise the treatment for same includes therapies and surgeries as the need be. Therapies like occupational therapy, physical therapy and more can be used for the same or  surgeries like joint replacement surgery if required.

Though we are medically advanced and have capabilities of tackling with such diseases and conditions, it is always advisable to prevent them by adopting a healthy lifestyle, so that quality of life is not affected.


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