Comparing Foam to Gel Sanitizer

Jan 29


Robert Haskell

Robert Haskell

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Which is better, foaming or gel sanitizer? The answer depends on your individual needs.


In recent years,Comparing Foam to Gel Sanitizer Articles sanitizer dispensers have become indispensable around the office. In fact, hospitals often place these dispensers by every entrance and exit to encourage as much use as possible. Still the issue remains. With so many sanitizer products on the market, deciding which is best for your home or business can be somewhat daunting. The biggest conundrum many contend with is which sanitizer product is better; foaming or gel? In practice, both are great for reducing the spread of germs but what it really comes down to in the end is personal preference.

Foaming sanitizers are great because they spread easier, make less mess and seem to dry faster. As long as you apply it correctly for a minimum of 15 seconds, the product should work. On the downside, foaming sanitizer is a little harder to get into the crevices of the fingernails. Gel sanitizer tends to be a little easier dispersing into these hard to reach areas. Foaming sanitizers also tend to be a little more expensive than their gel counterparts.

Gel sanitizers have the advantage of staying wet longer ensuring enough time for proper application. However, the same advantage can also be its biggest downfall as any drips may damage the finish on your floors. Which is right depends on your particular needs. In surveys, roughly 50 percent of respondents reported a preference for one or the other so there is no clear winner here. So long as you apply the product correctly and understand that sanitizer is really not intended to replace but supplement washing (especially when soap and water are not readily available), either product will do the job and safeguard your home or office.

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