Complete Guide on Wearing and Taking Care of your Wigs

Jun 18


Advanced Hair Studio

Advanced Hair Studio

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Ever wonder what is the best treatment for hair loss? Well, read this article by Advanced Hair Studio. We look at wigs that are used as an option to cover one’s balding area. We also look at the flip side of wearing a wig. Is there a better option instead of using wigs? Read on to know in detail…


Beauty is skin deep! Is it? Beauty in today's modern times is how we tend to make ourselves happy. How people are judged by the way they look. Hair being an important part of that look means that having beautiful hair becomes imperative to look good. However,Complete Guide on Wearing and Taking Care of your Wigs Articles not everyone is blessed with beautiful locks of hair.

Artificial hair, in the form of hair wigs, hair extensions, hair caps and hair patches has become popular in recent times. Whether you are buying wigs in Hyderabad or wigs in Gurgaon or wigs in Bangalore, this article will help you understand wigs in more detail.

What are wigs?

Wigs are artificial hair strands attached to a cap-like structure worn over the head. The wig market has expanded considerably in recent years. Today, wigs come in various forms. From convenient caps to hair extensions, from full-head wigs to colored and highlighted ones, the list is endless.

What are the types of wigs?

Wigs can be made of various types of materials, both synthetic and natural. Based on the type of material used, wigs can be divided into four categories roughly:

1. Synthetic wigs

Made from a synthetic material, these wigs are stronger and more durable than real hair wigs. Justifiably for clear reasons. They come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors. However, many users complain that the material is not breathable or organic in nature. 

Therefore, these wigs may lead to skin rashes and even make you feel hot and sweaty on a normal pleasant day. Also, the base material of such a wig, which is made of synthetic material, does not blend in with the natural skin and creates a ‘floating’ sensation over the head.

2. Net unit wigs

These wigs come with a net-like cap attached to the hair. The net cap may be made of several kinds of materials, both organic and inorganic in nature. While inorganic materials include synthetic fabric, natural materials include natural organic fabrics. 

The hair strands are supposed to be stitched with the base material to give it an appearance of a head full of hair. Unfortunately it gives out the feeling of unnatural hair growth and volume.

3. Combination wigs

Combination wigs have machine-made back and side portions, while the front and the top portions are hand-tied. The front portion may use fabric as a material, while the back portion may be machine-made and slightly thicker. 

The hair strands used may be a combination of natural and synthetic fibers. These wigs are more affordable than all other options hence are widely used by the common man.

What are Cosmetic hair replacement systems?

Cosmetic hair replacement systems are the most upgraded form of hair replacement options available. Hence they are custom made from natural hair strands. Since they are made from natural hair strands they are the most expensive. 

The base material is also made up of natural fibers and natural materials. They are the most versatile of all options and can be styled in any way you like. However, they also require a lot of care and attention. With the right kind of care and treatment, these hair wigs can last for a year or so. 

How do people Accessorize their wigs?

Often, we stay away from wigs, because they give a fake look to our appearance. Artificial hair wigs, which are made from synthetic hair, often give a fake, tacky look to the appearance. 

One way to avoid looking artificial while wearing a wig is to accessorize it. Here are some of the ways you can accessorize your wig:

  • Headband: Headbands are usually cheap and come in a variety of styles - from leopard prints to floral styles. You can wear them on both formal occasions as well as on casual social events. 
  • Garlands: Tie your hair in a neat artificial bun and pin in some freshly plucked flowers. You can also roll a garland across your braid to make it look beautiful. 
  • Ribbons: Colorful ribbons are a sight for sore eyes. They come in a variety of materials, such as lace, silk and cotton and can be used to tie up your wigs (especially loose strands of artificial hair) in a style you covet. 
  • Hats: Hats come in a variety of sleek styles and can be paired with an endless variety of clothes. Give yourself and your wig a natural look by accessorizing it with a nice-looking hat.
How long do wigs last for?

When it comes to longevity, wigs that are made from non-human hair can easily last for a year and above. This is possible since they do not have any organic material and hence you do not need to take much care of your wigs or store them properly. 

On the other hand, natural cosmetic hair replacement systems, unlike wigs, have a shorter life. They can typically last for anywhere between three to six months. On the other hand, regular artificial wigs can last for much longer periods. 

What should I look at while buying a natural cosmetic hair replacement system?

Here is a list of things that you must remember while buying your hair:


The manufacturing quality of the product holds the key to making it look perfect – almost like real hair. Cheaper wigs may come with manufacturing defects. Since the hair strands of a cheap wig are not taken from the same source, cheaper wigs can look weird and messed-up. 


The style of your product is as important as its functionality. Your hair replacement system may come in various styles - long, smooth tresses; short and stylish, beautiful and curly, smart and cropped. Pick a product that suits your face but also one which is in tune with the latest hairstyles in the fashion world.


What is style without functionality? Wigs that take a lot of time to be worn can’t be called functional. That is why one should always turn to hair replacement systems that are practical as well as stylish. Instead of traditional wigs, opt for modern varieties that are custom created and can be recreated as many times as needed to fulfill different objectives that you may have.


The volume of hair is also important while choosing the correct product. Real hair strands are voluminous and thick and it is important that you find a hair replacement system that is custom created to mimic the natural volume and density of real hair. 

On the other hand hair wigs do not contain a sufficient number of hair strands on a per square centimeter area, making the whole wig look cheap and artificial.

Shape of face

Natural hairstyles are usually compatible with the shapes of faces. When it comes to the hair replacement system though, one can choose one’s hairstyle as one prefers. While choosing your product, make sure the hairstyle you opt for, complements the shape of your face. Otherwise, you may end up looking weird.

Ease of Maintenance

The upkeep of a hair replacement system is also a determining factor in choosing your product. Wigs on the other hand, can get messy and dirty whether synthetic wigs or natural hair wigs. Washing instructions should be clear and simple to understand for all users. 

What kind of a wig looks most natural?

Unfortunately since wigs are mass produced and the materials used have their own limitations the answer to this question is not that simple.

There are some products that look better than the others but there are limited quality players who are able to keep giving the same quality result day in and day out of your existence.

On one hand, wigs are made from synthetic hair that is dyed using artificial colors. And on the other the hair strands on wigs are also processed and styled using high heat and chemicals leading to that unnatural look.

No matter how expensive your wig is, it can never compete with a hair replacement system made from natural materials including hair strands. So the next time when you are out shopping for a wig, you should always look for the right product based on the above discussed parameters. 

Don’t buy a wig just yet. Get an Advanced Hair Check done first.

If you are worried about your hair loss, then, instead of buying a wig or a hair weave, visit Advanced Hair Studio for a detailed individual consultation known as the Advanced Hair Check

Our highly-trained and qualified consultants will examine your scalp and hair loss condition to make an early diagnosis and determine whether or not you are facing potential hair loss. 

They will help you understand all the hair treatments available at our hair clinics, and will recommend the appropriate solution to achieve the best possible results.


Hair wigs can be an option for both hair loss and beauty purposes. However, you must consult a hair expert, who would help you with your available options and hence support your decision after conducting appropriate tests. 

When it comes to hair problems, you should always depend on experts rather than self-diagnose. Bringing you a range of hair treatments and therapies is Advanced Hair Studio. 

A pioneer in the field of hair care solutions, Advanced Hair Studio has come up with a range of solutions related to hair loss treatments and hair restoration

A more refined and technologically superior alternative to hair weaves, hair patches and hair wigs, Advanced Hair Studio’s Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic is a non-surgical hair replacement procedure that is patented and developed over years’ of research.

Non-surgical hair replacement is the best option for people suffering from acute baldness and hair loss. It offers impressive results to those who cannot afford to undertake a hair transplant due to various possible constraints. It has no side-effects and is a fully non-invasive procedure. 

Artificial Wigs require regular care and maintenance. There is always a fear of disclosure that persists with wigs, which is not the case with non-surgical hair replacement provided by the experienced team at Advanced Hair Studio. 

Other concerns and disadvantages of regular hair systems, hair patch, wigs and alike also are not seen with the Strand by Strand program due to its high levels of research and customization. To know more about the options provided at our hair clinics talk to our experts.

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