Cosmetic Dentistry- Facts and Procedures

May 24


James Jai

James Jai

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Cosmetic dentistry is a general procedure provided by dentists to improve and restore the appearance of teeth and gums. Unfortunately, not all of us a...

Cosmetic dentistry is a general procedure provided by dentists to improve and restore the appearance of teeth and gums. Unfortunately,Cosmetic Dentistry- Facts and Procedures Articles not all of us are born with pleasant set of teeth; thus can lead to degrading of oneself. Our teeth are one of the most important bones in our body thus taking care of it would be essential. Cosmetic dentistry is the product of the advancement of technology. Cosmetic dentistry procedures include the uses of modern facilities to make every output a satisfying one. Cosmetic dentistry also includes dental specialties such as Prosthodontics which focuses on prosthetic dentistry, Orthodontics which is tooth/teeth modification, Oral surgery which includes oral diagnosis surgical dental treatments; Periodontics and Endodontics are also some fields of cosmetic dentistry.
There are several options of cosmetic dentistry and these are the common things:

a) Putting additional material to teeth like veneers, bonding and crowns.
b) Subtraction of teeth structures and gums like gingivectomy.
c) Teeth whitening or bleaching- The most common cosmetic dentistry procedure. Several tooth whitening products can be bought over the counter yet recommendation from the expert is still advisable to acquire best results.
d) Reshaping of tooth/teeth corrects some tooth/teeth imperfections and proper positioning of one’s tooth/teeth.

The main objective of cosmetic dentistry is to give every individual good oral health and good teeth appearance. The existence of cosmetic dentistry is a great advantage for several people. However, one should have the courage to undergo such procedure. It is not new to us that there are individuals who are afraid of seeing the dentist; we can’t blame them, this might probably be a result of a dentist that provide low quality services or trauma caused during the last visit. A professional dental care provider makes sure that the environment where the treatment is being done is pleasant for all types of patients to reduce the risk of dental phobia that leads to avoidance. The doctor believes that a good environment can help contribute ease and comfort to the patient’s feeling when undergoing the operation.

The materials used in cosmetic dentistry during the early days were gold, amalgam and other metals. Today, materials used are entirely composite and closely imitate the exact appearance of the teeth.  Most patients who undergo cosmetic dentistry prefer to acquire natural looking teeth, as if they haven’t undergone any dental treatment. In this manner, they won’t feel uneasy about the appearance of the cosmetic teeth. The dentist also ensures that the materials used are free from undesirable elements that can be of any risk to one’s health.

If you think you are a candidate of cosmetic dentistry, make sure you find an expert dentist who can do the procedure, after all your health is what truly matters. To minimize your effort, just go directly to professional dentists who are being known for giving quality cosmetic dentistry. In this manner, you can definitely say that you are in good hands. We are actually the ones who can decide for ourselves and the doctors are just second factor. Go for dentist who is accredited by the American Dental Association, where professionals aim to promote good oral health to each and every one.