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Thoughts: Bowel cleanse.
My naturopath said to me once "There is no point eating healthy food if you have an unclean bowel". I was like say whaaaa??? Imagine a bike tyre (your bowels) and stuck to the wall of th tyre is black sludge. When you put food down the pipe,Guest Posting absolutely no nutrients are being absorbed by the bowel wall. So even if you are eating gorgeous fruits and vegetables the black sludge is preventing your body from actually absorbing the goodness. The good news is you can get rid of the black sludge. And yes unless you have had a bowel cleanse, or a colonic (a pipe in your bottom that pumps in water to flush your bowels), or you eat majority raw foods, you can asume you have that black sludge on your bowel walls...and check it out, the Egyptians performed colonics hundreds of years ago in the rivers using bamboo sticks (ouch) for a regular flush. I found some great articles on bowel cleansing...
Many people are discovering great physiological benefits can be derived from completing a thorough bowel cleanse, both in terms of physical and psychological health. Learning about methods for improving your health can give you a sense of empowerment.
Other people live blindly – eating all sorts of harmful foods without a second thought of the consequences. People might know certain foods are bad for them, but might not truly understand the enormity of the intended meaning. For example, a statement such as “bad for you” means to most people you shouldn’t eat this if you’re trying to lose weight or shouldn’t drink that because you have to work the next day. In all serious, if something is bad for you… it’s BAD for you and you shouldn’t eat it ever!
Many people, especially in Western civilization, suffer from a vast array of digestive diseases. A high fat, low fiber diet can leave you chronically constipated, perpetually bloated, and feeling like you can barely make it through the day. Many people don’t know what it’s like to live feeling fresh and healthy because they’re weighed down physically and mentally by the bad foods they eat. At this point, a bowel cleanse is probably wise.
Sadly, the more junk people eat, the more they crave. This deadly cycle of overeating and obesity with severe health consequences is spiraling out of control. These individuals seem to believe eating healthy would mean being “deprived” of taste or quality. A great many people ridicule health-minded individuals, referring to them as “skeletons”, “rabbits” (for eating lettuce and veggies), and “health-nuts”.
There is a growing backlash (encouraged by the junk and fast food industries) against being thin and healthy. People whom don’t have or want the motivation to discipline their diet often refer to models as having unattainable figures or not being healthy because they “don’t have any meat on their bones”. These people are so wrong.
Since when is it weird to take care of your body instead of abusing it? Does it sound more logical to not perform a regular bowel cleanse than to let your colon become all clogged up? Let me tell you something — you were not born with the body you have right now. Whether you are pleased with your appearance or not, you created the body you live in through your actions and choices.
Side effects of an unclean bowel can include:Constipation Bloating Headaches Stomachaches Backaches Skin Blemishes General Listlessness Foul Breath or Body Odor 
When your intestines becomes dirty, it can lead to illness and negative health conditions throughout your entire body. Your digestive system also houses the majority of your immune system. Cleaning the garbage out of your digestive system can have a huge impact on how you feel, how you look, and how often you become ill.
How do you bowel cleanse? I'm not going to suggest anything to you. Do your research. and then cleanse your bowel. Your bowels deserve it! And so do you! (hint: I get colonics) ;)
Challenges: I would love a colonic right now...I'm not sure they have them here in Florence Alabama since they have just one small organic shop. I can feel when my body and bowels get full and toxic... gotta love a nice flush! hehe
Triumphs: I thought pooping once a day was a good and normal bowel movement...since doing bowel cleanses I poop regulary and I love it! 
What I Ate Today:
Breakfast: A ginger tea. A green apple. An orange. 
Lunch: Cooked brown beans mmm mmm perfect for a chilly day in the Alabama woods ;) with avocado and spinach and lettuce salad. 
Dinnner: an orange. grapes. Indian food, rice and dahl (lentils). 
Dessert: No dessert. 
Snacks: Chocolate balls with walnuts. 
Exercise: A plyometrics workout! Ever done it? My first time today! I loved it! Google it ;) I had so much fun running and jumping around the town! (Florence, Alabama) Hehe :)

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