Day 218

Nov 29


Liana Werner-Gray

Liana Werner-Gray

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Thoughts: Have your mind,Day 218 Articles instead of it having you. 
I' am able to THINK my life into existence. I can map out my whole life and how I want it to go.
Make your last thoughts before going to sleep good thoughts because the law of attraction is still operating on your last thoughts as you fall asleep.
What I am thinking now is creating my future life. I create my life with my thoughts. Because we are always thinking, we are always creating. What you think about the most or focus on the most is what will appear as your life. 
My life is in my hands. No matter where I am, or what has happened in my life, I can begin to consciously choose my thoughts and change my life. The universe must deliver the pictures of the new frequency, no matter how impossible the situation may seem.
You can see the law of attraction everywhere. You draw everything to yourself. The people, the job, the circumstances, the health, the wealth, the debt, the joy, the car I drive and the community I am in, the friends I surround my self with etc. And I've drawn them all to me, like a magnet. What I think about I bring about. My whole life is a manifestation of the thoughts that go on in my head.
We should be grateful we have to free will to choose our thoughts. We have the power to internationally think and create our entire life with our minds. The mind is a powerful tool - in whatever way it is used. 
It really does take many negative thoughts and persistent negative thinking to bring something negative into your life. However if you persist in thinking negative thoughts over a period of time, they will appear in your life. If I worry about having negative thoughts, I will attract more negative thoughts. Choose right now that you are only going to think good thoughts - if that is the kind of life experience you want. At the same time proclaim to the universe that all your good thoughts are powerful and that any negative thoughts are very very weak.
Say it often and meditate on it 'I am the master of my thoughts'.
Now you start to have a mind, instead of it having you. 
I am like a human transmission tower, transmitting a frequency with my thoughts. If I want to change anything in my life, I simply change the frequency by changing my thoughts. If you are currently unhappy, unsatisfied, unfulfilled with the channel you are on, choose to change the channel. 
My current thoughts are creating my future life. What I think about most and focus on the most will appear as my life.
If I think only good thoughts, only good things can come into my life because that's the way I think. Nothing can come into my experience unless I summon it through persistent thoughts.
The emotions are this incredibly gift that let me know what I'm thinking. My feelings are my greatest tool to help create my life. My thoughts are the primary cause of everything. I want to become aware of what I'm feeling, and get in tune with how I'm feeling, because its the fastest way for me to know what I'm thinking. 
Stop and ask yourself during the day 'how am I feeling'? It is impossible to feel bad and have good thoughts. If I am feeling bad it is because I'm thinking thoughts that are making me feel bad. 
When I am feeling bad, I am on the frequency of drawing more bad things. When you celebrate the good feeling you'll draw to you more good feelings and things that make you feel good. 
I can have whatever I want in life, no limits. But there is a catch : You have to feel good!
As you feel bad and don't make any effort to change your thoughts and feel better you are in fact saying 'bring me more circumstances that will make me feel bad. Bring it on!'
If I'm feeling good than I'm creating a future that's on track with my desires. If I'm feeling bad I'm creating a future that's off track with my desires.
Seize the moments where you feel good and milk them! The good you will feel will attract more things good to make me feel awesome!
My feelings are my frequency feedback mechanism. When I am feeling good feelings, it is communication back from the universe saying 'you are thinking good thoughts'. Likewise when you are feeling bad you are receiving communication back from the universe saying 'you are thinking bad thoughts'. So when I'm feeling bad, its not a 'bad' thing, it is communication from the universe, and it is saying 'warning! Change thinking now. Negative frequency recording. Change frequency. Counting down to manifestation. Warning!' 
The next time you are feeling bad or feeling any negative emotion, listen to the signal you are receiving from the universe. In that moment you are blocking your own good from coming to you because you on a negative frequency. Change your thoughts and think about something good and when the good feelings start to come you will know it was because you shifted yourself on a new frequency, and the Universe has confirmed it with better feelings. 

Challenges: Getting stuck on a negative frequency. 
Triumphs: Having my mind - instead of it having me. And it takes discipline, work, practice and awareness. 
What I Ate Today:
Food fest 1: Blackberries. 
Food fest 2: Green grapes. 
Food fest 3: A avocado with walnuts. Cherries. 
Food fest 4: A avocado. 
Food fest 5: A grapefruit and orange juice mmm mmm mmm!
Food fest 6: Lots of rockmelon (cantaloupe). Eating soft sweet juicy rockmelon was like showering in lightness ;) And a perfect snack on a film set ;)
Food fest 7: A beautiful creamy avocado. Brazil nuts. 
Exercise: Moving, stretching, walking and working on film set 'Squid Man'. :)