Dentists - Sedation May Calm You Down

Oct 26


Andrea Avery

Andrea Avery

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Today’s dentists have a way to calm anxieties about dental work. Through sedation dentistry, you can visit the dentist, take a nap, and wake up with your dental work finished.

Does the thought of going to the dentist make you succumb to anxiety attacks? If so, Dentists - Sedation May Calm You Down Articles you are in good company. Many people fear going to the dentist. Sometimes, that fear is strong enough to keep them from going, which in turn makes their dental problems worsen over time. Modern dentists have options available to help reduce patients’ fears and make a trip to the dentist a relaxing overall experience. One of these options is sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry helps patients reach a relaxed, calm state before dental procedures begin. This type of dentistry can be performed under four stages of sedation. For some with mild anxiety, light sedation works well. This is done through a light sedative or nitrous oxide. This is often done for small procedures, like fillings.

Medium sedation allows dentists to elicit a response from their patients, so they are still in a state of semi-consciousness. Patients can respond or follow commands, but do not feel totally aware of what is going on.

Deep sedation places the patient in a state somewhere between conscious and unconscious. At times the patient can respond to questions or commands, while at other times the patient is totally unaware of what is going on. This requires an IV.

Total sedation, which also requires an IV, places the patient into a fully unconscious state. Patients who need extreme amounts of dental work done often opt for this type of sedation. For total sedation, you go to sleep and wake up hours later with all of your dental work done.

If you are considering sedation dentistry, shop around in your area, and discuss your options with them. The dentist will help you choose the level of sedation that works for the type of work you are having done and your level of anxiety about the dental office.

If you think sedation dentistry is the answer to your anxieties about visiting the dentist, make sure you discuss any health concerns with your practitioner. While sedation is considered safe and is used by hundreds of dentists around the world, it does carry a measure of risk as any medication does. If you have ever had a reaction to sedation medications or anesthesia, you need to tell your dentist’s office about this. If you have any outstanding medical conditions or illnesses, your dentist needs to be aware of these. They may inhibit your ability to undergo sedation dentistry, or it may change the amount of medication you need to be placed in a sedated state. Always be fully honest with your dentist about your medical situation.

If you do decide to pursue sedation dentistry, particularly if you wish to use a form of IV sedation for your next visit, make sure the dentists you are considering have the proper training and experience in the field to administer the sedation properly. Poorly administered sedation can be life threatening. When calling offices to discuss this option, ask about training and experience the dentist has that makes him or her qualified to offer this service.