Different Types of Facelift Surgery

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A  facelift involves tightening of the neck and jowls, as well as a lifting and repositioning of the cheek and temple region. This generally includes liposuction of the neck and jowl region, as well as tightening of the platysma muscle (responsible for loose bands in the neck).

Dr. Amir performs a "deep plane" facelift,Guest Posting meaning the deep layer of tissue beneath the skin is lifted and tightening, providing an often dramatic but very natural rejuvenation of the face. Often, a full facelift will also involve a browlift.

A "midface lift" addresses the cheek pad and nasolabial folds or smile lines. Candidates for a midface lift include patients with heaviness below the cheek prominence and above the jowls. These patients often present with dark circles or hollowness beneath the eyes, which are due to a descent of the malar fat pad. The mid face is lifted through a small incision in the hair-bearing temple or under the eye. The mid face lift can be performed in younger patients in their 30's without signs of jowling or excess neck skin, or can be combined with a standard facelift when indicated.

The direct neck lift is a popular alternative among patients with prominent neck aging or "turkey gobbler neck," who may not be concerned about the jowls or cheek regions. The excess neck skin and fat can be removed with a well hidden incision under the chin. This procedure generally requires only local anesthetic or mild sedation.

Fat grafting or fat transfer at the time of facelift surgery has become a popular choice for our patients. While a facelift will tighten skin and remove or reposition drooping tissues, many patients also have volume loss in areas such as the temples, the area below the eyes, the cheek pads, and the lips. By replacing lost fat in these regions a very youthful and natural look is achieved.

Many patients benefit from eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty which can be done at the same time as the facelift. Another common adjunct is laser resurfacing which can address the wrinkles around the lower eyes and mouth (this skin is not tightened by the facelift).

The incisions for facelift surgery are nearly all hidden behind the hairline, and those that are not are placed within natural skin folds or behind the ear. When healing is complete, these incisions are usually very difficult to see.

The deep layer or superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS for short) is tightened and resuspended, restoring a refreshed, youthful appearance, without stretching the overlying skin.


After facelift surgery in San Diego, patients spend the night in the luxurious Sheraton Hotel, which is immediately adjacent to our office. A qualified assistant is available to assist with any needs, and Dr. Amir personally visits his patients that evening. The following morning dressings are removed, and the patient is generally allowed to return home.

Swelling and even bruising are normal after surgery, but begin to resolve within a few days following facelift surgery. Pain is generally minimal and easily controlled. By one week, most patients feel comfortable enough to resume a majority of activities (with some restrictions).

Most patients are able to return to their usual routine within two weeks.

Signature Mini Facelift Procedure

Patients often come to our office and ask: "Is there some kind of procedure you do that I can have without deep anesthesia OR a long recovery but that will really make a difference in how I look and feel? And oh, I want to look younger and refreshed- not "done." The answer to this question is Yes. It is what we at La Jolla Center for Facial Plastic Surgery refer to as our signature mini facelift procedure.

Many patients seeking facial rejuvenation are busy with work and family obligations or are simply leading active lifestyles. They don't have the time to devote to a long procedure or a prolonged recovery. For these patients, our mini facelift can remove 10 to 15 years in about one hour. The procedure is designed by Dr. Amir to provide maximum benefit in the jowl and neck regions (comparable to any full facelift!), but also to allow quick recovery and return to activities.

The procedure is performed with no general or deep IV anesthesia. This minimizes any potential anesthetic risk, and also quickens the overall recovery process. Most patients can resume work  or other activities within 3 to 7 days!

Mini Facelift Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why should I have a MIni Facelift and not a full facelift by Dr. Amir?

Answer: If your cheek pads are in good position and your main concern is the jowl area and loose tissues under the chin, the mini facelift may offer you a faster recovery and less expense. Ultimately, the best way to determine this is to come in for a complimentary consultation and evaluation. The benefit of seeing an experienced, Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon is that our office offers BOTH types of facial rejuvenative procedures and we will recommend what is best for you based on your appearance and desires.

2. How is your signature mini facelift procedure different from a typical Mini Facelift?

Answer: In most cases a Mini Lift gives mini results. Dr. Amir's mini facelift procedure provides as good or better results in the jowl and neck regions as any traditional facelift. Dr. Amir's unparalleled experience allows him to perform the procedure in an average of 60 minutes, whereas similar results may take hours and be much more expensive elsewhere.

3. Can I add on other procedures, like my eyelids or laser?

Answer: Yes.

To learn more about facelift surgery, visit our website www.sandiegoface.com , or call 858 658-0595

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