Facelift Surgery: 10 Facts Against Facelift Surgery to Look Younger

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Facelift surgery or surgery to parts of the face to look younger, often called a mini facelift has its downside. Before you consider undergoing facelift surgery, let’s look at the negatives. Remember, there are always better alternatives to look younger.

1. There are always risks involved with facelift surgery. Do you want to accept such risks with your looks?  Some people with a desire to look younger have been on the receiving end of botched surgery that has permanent repercussions.

2. About 18 to 24 months after the facelift surgery,Guest Posting it’s likely that the procedure will have to be repeated, because the skin will begin to sag again. To look younger with this method is only temporary and “skin deep”.

3. Facelift surgery is expensive e.g. It might cost a minimum of $10 000 to $25 000 to have proper facelift surgery. Most people can’t afford this. To look younger via this method is usually not covered by medical insurance, and payment by the doctor, or clinic, is required in advance.

4. Facelift surgery to look younger does not restore color and improved skin tone.

5. Imagine looking like somebody else – unintentionally? Some people have that surprised look if the forehead skin or skin around the eyes has been surgically pulled too tight! Facelift surgery can change the character, and even the shape of the face.

6. Many patients prefer to look younger, chronologically. This means that they want to look younger over a period of time, rather than suddenly. This is to avoid comments from others. Facelift surgery, even if it is performed in stages, does not really offer this option.

7. By opting for the facelift surgery route, people expect that all their problems will disappear. Generally, people who expect to look younger overnight usually expect all their problems to disappear, too. Facelift surgery does not eliminate stress and day-to-day problems.

8. Don’t ignore the causes of aging. To look younger with facelift surgery does not treat the cause of sagging skin and lines, which is due to poor blood circulation and weak underlying tissue. Cell degeneration, weakened facial and neck muscles, and bad blood flow are one of the main causes of aging. To look younger, one needs to treat these symptoms at a cellular level, rather than pay attention to the top layers of the skin (epidermis).

9. With the scalpel method to look younger, the patient has no control over the process, but has to hand over control to the facelift surgery doctor. Can you be so trusting with your looks? And then there is also the pain, discoloration, bruising, bandages, hospital stay associated with facelift surgery.

10.There are natural energy lines in the body that can be disrupted by facelift surgery, which can interfere with the body’s natural health and rhythm.  This can actually defeat the object to look younger with facelift surgery in the first place.

So before you rush out to get facelift surgery, maybe you should first look at the other options such as facial exercises, creams and lotions, and other anti-aging skin care products is a better idea to look younger.

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