Disposable Contact Lenses - Do the Benefits Outweigh the Cost

Nov 10


Tanya Turner

Tanya Turner

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If you hate fussing over your contacts every morning there are two solutions - extended 30-day wear contact lenses and daily disposable lenses. Which is best? Find out if the health and convenience benefits of daily disposables are worth their cost.


If you hate fussing over your contacts every morning there are two solutions - extended 30-day wear contact lenses and daily disposable lenses. But which is best?

Using lenses that you can wear for 30 days straight is very convenient. Unfortunately it is not safe. Accumulated dust particles and a month's worth of protein deposits on the lenses put you at risk of infection,Disposable Contact Lenses - Do the Benefits Outweigh the Cost Articles even if you wear highest quality extended wear lenses. Daily disposable contacts, on the other hand, are not only convenient but a healthy option.

Advantages of daily disposable lenses

To make your eyes feel comfortable and to reduce the risk of eye infection, you should replace your contacts often. And from this point of view daily disposable contacts give you the most benefits:

  • Dailies present the lowest risk of infection - a lens fresh from its package is sterile
  • There is not enough time for protein and calcium to build up on your contacts (which happens with other types of lenses, in spite of cleaning solutions). As a result, people wearing daily disposable lenses report clearer vision and more comfort.
  • There is no fuss with cleaning - just open the pack and put your contacts in. If you feel that rubbing your lenses before and after wear is too much work, daily disposables are definitely for you. Also, there is no need for cleaning and storage products
  • Daily disposables are ideal for people who suffer from allergies, especially during peak allergy seasons
  • They are great for people who wear contacts only a few days a week. Lenses left in their case collect bacteria. Also, if you only wear contact lenses 2-3 days a week, daily disposables are a cheaper option.
  • And, of course, if you rip or lose your lens, it's no big deal - just throw it away and open another pack. Disposables are also ideal for traveling.

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Disadvantages of daily disposable lenses

There are no health disadvantages to daily disposable contact lenses. Their only draw-back is the cost - especially if you have an astigmatism and need toric disposable contact lenses. And, of course, you will have to put them in every morning and take them out at night.

How expensive are daily disposable contacts?

You probably know that a monthly supply of daily disposable lenses will cost you more that than a pair of monthly disposables. However, contact lens manufacturers constantly work to decrease the production costs of lenses, so the prices gradually go down.

If you compare the cost of Acuvue 1 Day and Acuvue 2 (popular daily and 2-week disposable contact lenses), dailies would cost you about twice as much, from most retailers. However, bear in mind that while wearing daily disposable contact lenses, you don't need to buy storing and cleaning solutions. Also, if you wear contact lenses only 3 or 4 times a week, the cost would be even less.

To save on your contacts, buy them online. And for even greater savings, order a full year's supply of lenses. Many Internet shops give you additional discounts for a full year supply or a substantial rebate off your next purchase.

If you are currently prescribed annual replacement or monthly disposable lenses, ask your doctor if he or she can switch you to daily disposables. The health of your eyes is very important, and you will appreciate the difference disposable lenses can make.