Do You Worry About Your Health?

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Do you worry about your health, seemingly for no reason at all?  Do you worry about heart attacks, strokes or cancer?  Would you like to let those worries go?

Stop worrying! It doesn't do you any good. There's worrying and then there's WORRYING. As you get older it's only natural to become concerned about certain aspects of your health. Your body starts to feel a little creaky and you're not as flexible as you used to be. Not only that,Guest Posting you know so many people who have had heart attacks or strokes or skin cancer and so on.

Your awareness of the possibility of illness and disease has been triggered, be it through first-hand experience or otherwise. But should this be cause for WORRY, as opposed to a "healthy" concern? It is natural as well to worry more, as you get older, about everything, not just your health.

You are only born with two fears, those of loud noises and falling. But these types of fears are not the same as the types of worries which I am talking about. A fear is caused by a perception of imminent threat. The worries I am referring to are those ones which you toss and turn, rip apart and "chew" over; those things which go over and over and over in your mind and you just won't let them go, even though you know logically that you have no real cause to worry. That's what I mean by WORRYING.

My mum is a WORRIER. She worries about everything. As a grown up child you do everything in your power to make life easy for your parents and to ensure that they have nothing to worry about. You want them to be relaxed and comfortable and to enjoy life. You want to help them to stop worrying; but they do worry. And the thing they worry about most is usually you. You don't worry about you; they worry about you and then you worry about them worrying about you!

Some people though do have a very specific worry about their health, often with no real substantial reason. They become convinced that something awful is going to happen to them. This is often the case with a person who has suffered from anxiety attacks, or panic attacks. The symptoms of the panic attack are so real, that you think you are going to at the very least have a heart attack or a stroke, or more likely die right there on the spot.

The thing is that if you start to worry about your health you will start noticing things about your body which you didn't notice before. You will notice that you feel hotter than normal, or that your breathing is quicker, or that your skin is blotchy and as you focus upon these things they become more and more obvious to you. And as they become more obvious those "symptoms" get stronger, and a whole cycle of effect is triggered.

You go to the doctor and have a check up and you receive a clean bill of health. Do you believe your doctor? Some people are sufficiently reassured to release their worry. But these people were worriers, not WORRIERS. WORRIERS go home and try to pretend to themselves that they are ok; they tell themselves that if the doctor says they are healthy they must be, whilst at the same time wondering where they can go for a second opinion.

There is an art to learning how to STOP WORRYING and hypnosis helps you to do just this. You can even learn to turn things right around in your mind and instead focus your energy upon thinking yourself healthy.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads to stop worrying and feel great.

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