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In her new book,Guest Posting “Flat Belly Diet for Men: Real Food, Real Men, Real Flat Abs,” Liz Vaccariello raises the MUFA Diet banner and waves it unendingly throughout.  Of course, some of us aren’t as familiar as she thinks we are regarding what a MUFA is.  But you will be fan of MUFAs in a minute. 

MUFA stands for mono-unsaturated fatty acids. 

MUFAs are found in oils, olives, nuts, and avocados.  And MUFAs are extraordinarily good for you.

Only recently, in 2007, did scientists (Spanish researchers) discover the amazing benefits these MUFA fats have.  By eating a diet with MUFAs everyday, you can stop the weight gain going on in your belly.  Very specific.

When three diets were compared, one with saturated fats, one high in carbohydrates, and the third rich in MUFAs, upon people with abdominal fat distribution, namely, belly fat, the MUFA diet literally reduced visceral fat in the belly. 

Liz in her book, says, “The research showed MUFAs as one of a kind, because no other nutrient has been found to aid ab flattening!”  And thus, MUFAs are the backbone of her new diet.  The MUFA Diet has just a few rules and, you guessed it, MUFAs at every meal is one of them.

Her 3 Simple MUFA Diet Rules:

1.       Stick to 400 Calories Per Meal.

2.       Never Go More Than 4 Hours Without Eating.

3.       Eat a MUFA at Every Meal.

Now, as you might know, these Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acids are calorie rich and usually avoided in diet plans; therefore, more than ever, on this diet you must adhere closely and watch carefully your calorie intake.  Calorie control is more important than ever.

Liz’s diet plan calls for you to eat five times per day.  Each meal is 400 calories, making your total calorie count 2000 per day.  This is the calories it takes for an average size man and activity level to maintain an ideal body weight.

Her diet plan in her book is packed with luscious 400-calorie MUFA meal menus.  In four weeks, you are going to lose weight, and you will be eating very well. 

One of her MUFA Breakfast Menus:

The Sunrise Sandwich: Scramble 2 large eggs in a non-stick pan coated with cooking spray (156). Serve on 2 slices of toasted whole grain bread (160) topped with 1 ounce sliced low-fat baby Swiss cheese (50) and ¼ cup Florida avocado slices (MUFA) (69).  Total calories = 435

One of her MUFA Lunch Menus:

Beef and Gruyère Hoagie: Split 1 whole wheat hoagie (180) and cover both sides with 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil (MUFA) (119).  Brown in a non-stick skillet.  Top with 2 ounces of all-natural top round roast beef (80), ½ ounce Gruyère cheese slice (58), and 1 teaspoon horseradish (2).  Add vegetable toppings as desired.  Total calories = 439

One of her MUFA Dinner Menus:

Parmesan Pork Chop: Dredge a 5-ounce boneless pork chop (200) in 2 tablespoons Progresso Parmesan Bread Crumbs (50) and cook on stovetop in 1 tablespoon sunflower oil (MUFA) (120) for 5 minutes.  Serve with 1 cup steamed zucchini slices (25).  Total calories = 395

Before starting the 4-week diet, you will be doing a 4-Day Flat Abs  Kickstart program to get your mind in the game.  This is a total of 32 days, which studies have shown is enough time to make any dietary change a part of your everyday lifestyle. 

The MUFA diet, once mastered, will shrink that pot belly of yours.  Now go wave that MUFA flag.

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