Evening Primrose

Jul 19


Ken Dennis

Ken Dennis

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Recently there has been a major buzz in the herbal ... products market about Evening ... I ... to give you a general ... history, and ... the product. The ... nam


Recently there has been a major buzz in the herbal and
Natural products market about Evening Primrose. I would
like to give you a general overview,Evening Primrose Articles history, and benefits
of the product.

The botanical name for the evening primrose plant is
Oenothera Biennis, belonging to the plant family Onagraceae.
Other common names are The Fever Plant, Field Primrose,
King's Cureall, Night Willow-herb, Scabish, Scurvish,
Sundrop, Tree Primrose. It is found throughout North
America, east of the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean.
It got its name Evening Primrose from the unusual time that
it opens its bud, which is normally around six to seven in
the evening.

The plant, when taken internally has been used to treat a
very large variety of ailments, however the most general
and widely sought after effects are for the following:
Menopausal symptoms, depression, spasmodic asthma, lower
blood pressure, lower cholesterol, relieve menstrual
cramping, stimulate digestion, stimulate liver and spleen.
When used externally it has also been used to treat rashes
and minor skin irritations.

The suggested dosage is generally 2 x 500mg per day, but
it has been shown that double that is considered much
more effective.

This product should be avoided by some people because its
effects may interfere with their health. People taking
blood thinning products, people with epilepsy. Although
not indicated on many bottles, it is suggested that women
who are pregnant should avoid it due to possible hormone

You should be able to purchase Evening Primrose for near
12-15 Dollars US, for 100 500mg capsules.