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Feb 28


William James

William James

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Welcome to Dr. Trinh-Pham, DDS, FAGD in Pearland At Dr. Trinh-Pham, DDS, FAGD, our priority is to deliver quality care to informed clients in a comfor...


Welcome to Dr. Trinh-Pham,FAGD Dentist Articles DDS, FAGD in Pearland

At Dr. Trinh-Pham, DDS, FAGD, our priority is to deliver quality care to informed clients in a comfortable & convenient setting.

FAGD Dentist Quality Care

When one have dental problems, you probably need to turn to a dentist who listens & responds ... an knowledgeable doctor who knows the field & can well diagnose & treat your needs ... a gracious dentist who counsels you on the most excellent ways to maintain & improve your health. Our staff meets all these criteria. Good thing, you benefit from a devoted team of qualified professionals who give one the individualized attention one deserve.

Informed Patients

Dr. Trinh-Pham, DDS, FAGD believes that informed clients are better ready to make decisions regarding their health & well being. That is why we have included an wide-ranging section on this website covering the full selection of topics coupled with dentistry & dental diagnoses & treatments. We support you to look through these pages at any time you have an interest or apprehension about your dental needs & care.

Comfortable, Opportune Setting

The best care in the world does not mean anything if you no access it. At Dr. Trinh-Pham, DDS, FAGD, we strive to make our Plano office as efficient & convenient as likely. Integrated in these web pages is info about Dr. Trinh-Pham, DDS, FAGD in Pearland, including our Plano location, directions, maps, insurance policies hours, and appointment scheduling. You can yet email a request for a meeting right here!

We expect you find this website useful & invite you to get in touch with us with your questions at any time.

Our Services

The brief descriptions under are designed to make acquainted you with our staff's training, specialized credentials & work experience.

  • Bonding
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Fillings
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Extractions
  • Grafts
  • Implants
  • Invisalign
  • Jaw/TMJ
  • Scaling & Root Planing
  • Sealants
  • Whitening

Initial Oral Examination

Your first oral examination includes a visual assessment, periodontal probing, charting, and diagnosis & treatment recommendations. We will too take x-rays that includes the panoramic x-ray pro proper diagnosis of the front & back teeth in addition to the bite-wing x-ray series for right diagnosis of proximal decay of back teeth.

Dental Implants

We will surely work with an implant expert to create an implant for a mislaid single tooth, missing numerous teeth, or put back a removable appliance.

Teeth Bleaching

Our state-of-the-art, none other than the in-office Power Bleaching system will make the teeth whiter in less than one hour and a half. Another alternative is our home bleaching system one take with you for results in two weeks. You can as well consider a mixture program of both systems for most constructive, long-term results.

Crowns and Veneers

You can have an innovative smile with all-porcelain crowns (empresses material) on the front teeth. For the back, we utilize porcelain fused to metal.


Fillings: Resin

Tooth-colored fillings which are light cures to go with your teeth. Amalgam: Silver-colored fillings, extra durable material.


Root Canals

We do root canals on anterior & premolar teeth.


Periodontal Treatment

You must have a typical cleaning at least 2x a year. A periodontal treatment may include an Adult Prophy, a basic cleaning. If it has been more than a year since your last cleaning, probable treatment will comprise either Periodontal Scaling (deeper) or perhaps Root Planning & Scaling (needs anesthetic).


Mouth Guards

Whether you are a sportsperson or casual sports participant, one should wear a mouth guard to guard your teeth. If you grind the teeth while you sleep, a bite guard will aid lessen symptoms of TMJ. We habit make mouth guards in both soft & hard materials.


Removable Dental Prosthesis

For lost teeth, we make dentures or even removable partials for you.