Four Fabulous Energy Management Secrets

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Four fabulous energy management secrets which contribute to spiritual warming are really no secret at all

Some people practise their golf swing,Guest Posting lines for a play, recitals, and many other things.  There are many things I too practise but one thing I practise even more consistently is energy management.

So what exactly is energy management?  In this case, it’s not managing coal or natural gas reserves, it’s about how we manage ourselves during times of stress and anxiety; when our energy isn’t grounded, and our thinking scattered; when our minds are too full of everyday stuff to think clearly.

The secret to dealing with these times are through employing a selection of energy management techniques that have worked exceptionally well for me and which I’d now like to share with you.

The first energy management technique is to learn to be in the present moment

This is the foundation for all other energy management techniques.  Be in the present moment and you’ll balance energies of thoughts scattered in the past and future which rob us of the many wonderful experiences to be had in the here and now.

To begin find a comfortable spot to sit and do nothing except become aware of the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe in, and out.

Using your five senses, focus and notice what is happening inside and outside your body. 

  • Became aware of the sounds you hear, eg people, traffic, music, inside your body, and anything else that is around you.
  • Become aware of colours around you, of your clothing, furniture, the seat you’re sitting on, the colours surrounding the windows and doors within your line of sight.
  • Start massaging your palms and notice the lines in your palms, does your skin feel dry, smooth, or rough.  Massage the tops of your hands. 
  • When you have conversations with others, be there with them.  Listen attentively; match their tone, speed, volume and pitch, also their breathing rate and if they smile, smile in return.  People can sense when you’re not paying attention to them. 

When you go through this exercise retain your focus for at least three minutes because the longer you stay focused the longer you’ll get used to being in the ‘now’. 

The second energy management technique is to become mindful

‘Mindfulness’ can mean:

  • Paying attention to our bodies, mind, and spirit, from within and outside our selves, in an objective, non-judgmental way.
  • Acceptance.
  • Awareness of emotional patterns.

 Learn to observe yourself in a non-judgemental way through a ‘mindfulness’ exercise. 

To begin, get into a comfortable position, become relaxed and start noticing what is happening to your body, inside and outside without passing judgement on what you find.

  • Notice and become aware of feelings, emotional and physical, inside and out. 
  • Become aware of what you see, colours, images, moving pictures, or even words or numbers.
  • What do you hear, inside and out, volume, tone, positive or negative, etc? 
  • Also become aware of any tastes or smells and notice physiological changes as you notice these senses.

Expand this exercise as much as you want to.  All it requires is for you to be objective and notice what you notice about yourself.  When you have completed this exercise you can then choose to deal with any issue you become aware of.

Next we have the third energy management technique, ‘letting go’

Have you ever wanted something so badly it hurt?  I know I have, and it was only by letting go of me ‘wanting’ something that I managed to attract it.  Quite a paradox really – let go to receive.

Wanting creates an energy pull which acts much like two magnets of the same polarity – the two never meet.  Maybe you’ve already experienced such a play of energy.  If not, next time you’re sitting quietly think of something that you really want badly, fully experience this wanting then notice the energy it takes to produce this wanting.

When you release this pull it signals to the Universe that the door has been opened to receive what is needed. 

Letting go however doesn’t necessarily mean giving up and walking away.  When we let go of the energy pull of ‘wanting’ we give it up to a higher power, the Universe, or whatever it is for you.  While you do this continue to work towards achieving whatever you want your outcome to be.  It’s much like putting your stresses to one side while you go about doing what needs doing.

Time and time again whenever I’ve released and let go of something, the Universe somehow got wind of it and sent me unexpected abundance.  I love the way it works!

Last but not least is the fourth fabulous energy Management secret – Meditation.

This would have to be my all-time favourite and something I do for at least 20 minutes each morning before starting work, more if I have time.

Meditation can provide greater clarity in:

  • Understanding ourselves.
  • Understanding the big picture stuff.
  • Discovering never-ending possibilities.
  • Clearness.

And can facilitate:

  • Greater life balance.
  • Less stress.
  • Better health and wellbeing.
  • The creation of better personal and business relationships.

You could easily start a meditation program with the help of a good meditation book or by joining a local group.

So there you have it in a nutshell; Four Fabulous Energy Management Secrets.  If you’re new to these techniques allow yourself a little time to practise until you become familiar and comfortable with them and then notice how much better life can be.

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