Gynecomastia - What to Know

Jul 1


Aaliyah Arthur

Aaliyah Arthur

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Learn what gynecomastia is and what causes it. Find out what the treatment options are for this condition causing the enlargement of the male breast tissue.

What is gynecomastia? The gland tissue in a man's breast enlarges in this condition. This condition is common during infancy and later in puberty. It can also occur in aging men,Gynecomastia - What to Know Articles especially those who are middle aged or older. This is a different condition from pseudogynecomastia, which happens when there are fat deposits in this region of the body, which occurs when men are obese. The difference here is in the development and growth brought on by the gland itself. Very few men suffer from this condition.

Why Does it Happen?
This condition can happen for many reasons. A few medical conditions can cause it, too.

-It occurs in some malnutrition cases, as well as re-feeding. This creates a scenario when the hormones are able to produce this condition. Any other condition that alters the normal hormone balance in the male can cause this to occur.

-Some men who have disorders of the sex organs may have a lower level of testosterone production in the body and therefore often have a higher level of estrogen. This can lead to gynecomastia. This can occur from various conditions, such as from trauma, aging, infection or even from cancers.

-Medications such as those used for ulcer treatments, digittoxin, diazepam, ace inhibitor medications, calcium channel blockers and medications such as spironolactone, which is a diuretic.

In some cases, it is not necessary to determine what the underlying cause is. However, if it becomes a problem, your doctor can work to pinpoint the underlying cause through diagnostic processes. Tests may point to the underlying concerns, which, if treated, can prevent the condition from worsening.

Fixing It
There are various ways that a doctor can treat gynecomastia. Often, the easiest treatment is simply improving the underlying cause of the condition. In other cases, replacement therapy for testosterone can work to improve the condition. Some medications may also work to reduce the development or slow it. In some cases, men can opt to have plastic surgery as a way to reduce the amount of tissue present.
In some cases, the condition does not pose any threat to your health and therefore it may not be necessary to improve the condition overall. However, many men feel very self-conscious about it and therefore want to seek out a treatment that can offer some help to avoiding the stigma that comes with the condition.

To overcome gynecomastia, it is often necessary first to be diagnosed with the condition and then second to work to understand what is bringing on the condition. Then, the right steps can be taken to correct it. For those who want to overcome this condition, consider all of your options. Chances are good you will find a way to treat it that you feel comfortable with. On the other hand, some men only have slightly noticeable difference in their physical appearance and therefore do not seek treatment for it. In most cases, there is no risk to overall health from this condition.

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