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Explains about Feminine Wash and it's ingredients and the use of Feminine wash to maintain the PH level.

Vaginal discharge is common nowadays among young women,Guest Posting causing irritation and discomforts due to its side effects such as staining the underwear, bad odours, itchiness or burning sensations. Feminine was is very helpful in preventing infection.

There are different bacteria’s found in other parts of our body such as Lactobacillus, which helps to maintain the acidity level by producing lactic acids. This is commonly found in the vaginal area and also it protects from infections through its antibacterial activities. Due to bacterial imbalance mostly discharges, itches, inflammations, and infections happen, so it is advised not to wear tight pair of jeans or staying in an unsterile environment

To avoid itches in the vagina you must regularly use the vagina wash. Washing the intimate parts regularly helps maintain the PH level and protects the vagina from infections.

Below mentioned are the few advantages of Feminine wash:

  • Feminine wash is specially designed to keep the vaginal area hygiene. It contains lactic acid with a 3.5 PH level which helps maintain the vaginal part from infection.

  • Feminine was not only decrease the vaginal discharge but also reduces the chances of any infection

  • Feminine wash is highly recommended by gynaecologists

  • Feminine wash products are suitable for every women. They can be used when a women goes through their menopause, pregnant women or women who are highly sensitive.

  • Feminine wash products are safe to use and doesn't contain any harmful chemical.

  • Feminine wash products are free from a chemical preservative called Paraben which can cause serious illnesses

  • It doesn’t contain SLES and SLS and detergents that may cause cancer.

Below mentioned are the directions to use the Feminine wash

  • Pick a wash cloth and lather it up with mild natural soap and water

  • Clean the area around your clitoris

  • Make sure to wash the vulva and your vaginal opening and gently scrub the vaginal opening

  • Scrub your perineum

  • At last, wash off your anal area as well.

Nowadays, feminine wash has become popular among women for keeping their intimate areas neat, fresh and clean. Some women believe that cleaning the vaginal canal frequently with feminine was will help them to prevent and recurrence of both urinary and vaginal tract infections. Furthermore, both the good bacteria and bad bacteria could be killed by feminine wash which could be a disadvantage, as our body needs the good bacteria to maintain the PH level and prevent infections in that area. If the feminine wash is used for longer period, there could be a chance of change in the acidity of your vagina which can make you more vulnerable to infections.

Generally, feminine wash comes as a combination of baking soda, vinegar, iodine. The product is safe to use on a regular basis.


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