Healthcare Robotics Market - Advanced Technologies & Growth Opportunities in Global Industry by 2021

May 27


Lucas J

Lucas J

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SA-BRC is pleased to announce the initiation of research on “Global Healthcare Robotics Market“.


Robotics has immensely automated processes in various industries and has minimized human involvement and errors to a large extent. In healthcare industry,Healthcare Robotics Market - Advanced Technologies & Growth Opportunities in Global Industry by 2021 Articles robotics technology has been applied in various processes such as telemedicine, transport of reports, medicines and other materials in hospitals, dispensing pharmaceutical drugs and others. Robots can overcome inabilities of human caregivers in lifting heavy weights, or simply by reducing manpower. With increased digitalization, large amount of data is been collected for disease diagnosis, treatment, prescription patterns, medical imaging and vital signs. This data has been efficiently used for defining behavior and response pattern under varied medical conditions.

Healthcare robotics market has been segmented into robot types, which include surgical robots, personal care robots, telemedicine robots, disability assistance robots, material delivery robots, housekeeping and disinfection robots, pharmacy robots and others. Rapidly advancing electronics and nanotechnology would introduce more efficient and robust robots in the near future, and expand the scope of the healthcare robotics market. Currently pharmacy robots, delivery and housekeeping and disinfection robots are most widely used in healthcare. The healthcare robotics market is poised to redefine the landscape of nursing, remote patient monitoring and telemedicine. Aethon's TUG is a delivery robot used in hospitals for delivery of laboratory reports, diet, pharmacy drugs, linen and others. This robot greatly reduces burden on clinical and service staff and also reduces human resource requirement. InTouch robot provides excellent care through telemedicine. According to the company its telemedicine network supports more than 1,500 clinical sites with over 19,000 cases each month in over tan 130 healthcare service organizations. ScriptPro is another innovative robot providing automated prescription dispensing system. Big data analytics in healthcare continues to make a profound impact on the global healthcare robotics market.

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The healthcare robotics market would remain largely restricted to larger hospitals in developed countries such as U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Japan and others. Developing nations in Asia are gradually turning toward robotics to upgrade the different aspects of the healthcare sector. China has emerged as a technology frontier in developing novel robotic systems in medical treatment. Chongqing Jinshan Science and Technology, and Beijing Bohuiweikang Technology are the leading companies in the healthcare robotics market in China. Acquisitions have been a common method in combining expertise for unified growth in the healthcare robotics market. In 2015, TransEnterix acquired surgical robotics division of Sofar S.p.A. The TELELAP ALF-X advanced robotic system developed by the company for minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, has also received CE Mark. Omnicell completed acquisition of Aesynt which holds expertise in pharmacy automation and information management tools. The company also acquired MTS Medication Technologies a developer of pharmacy automation robots that forms one of the most significant category of healthcare robotics across the world today. These acquisitions would result in development of more efficient and robust robotic systems suited for complex healthcare system, thus potentially driving the healthcare robotics market.

Key players in the healthcare robotics market include ScriptPro LLC, Aethon Inc., Intuitive Surgical, Veebot LLC, Robosoft, Cyberdyne, Inc., Maidbot, Xenex, InTouch Technologies, Inc., Omnicell, Inc. and others.

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