Herpes – A New Age Meeting of Complementary Natural Systems

Oct 26




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Ayurveda and Homeopathy have met with measurable individual success with herpes. It’s only natural then that new trends point to an amalgamation of the two systems.


Herpes is an infection caused by the herpes virus. There are 8 varieties of this virus,Herpes – A New Age Meeting of Complementary Natural Systems Articles which are pathogenic to man. The two most common affections are Herpes Simplex (HSV1 infection), which causes oral and genital cold sores, and fever blisters, and Herpes Zoster (HSV2 infection), which causes shingles. This virus affects both men and women, and in fact, even newborn babies.

The question about whether viruses such as Herpes can be 'cured' is debatable. Allopathic doctors often believe that there is no real cure, because viral antibodies tend to stay in the blood-stream for the patient's entire lifetime. But, antibodies normally remain detectable, so a person often has normal structure and function while still having detectable levels of antibodies. In fact, antibodies develop as a normal defense against the virus – So, people, all the time, indeed manage to take their bodies to a point where they have not had an outbreak for years together!

What are the Treatment Options for Herpes?

For best results as far as duration and healing are concerned, herpes treatment should begin at the first sign of an outbreak. It is possible to revert the outbreak, if herpes treatment is started before the lesions appear.

-          Conventional System of Medicine

Allopathic Medicines which are used to treat herpes are:

·  Acyclovir

·  Famciclovir

·  Valacyclovir

Unfortunately, viruses are known to be very efficient at genetic mutation. This means that over a period of time, these viruses become resistant to the allopathic antivirals


Complementary Natural Systems

Ayurveda as a Complementary Natural System

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicinal system that uses plants and herbs with curative properties. Ayurveda has been using herbal preparations to treat herpes and its symptoms since time immemorial. Ayurvedic treatment for herpes centers around cleansing the blood, lymph and skin systems. Clinical research suggests tremendous success of this system, which includes both oral therapies as well as local applications for herpes. 

Homeopathy as a Complementary Natural System

Homeopathy has produced astounding results with viral afflictions like Herpes. To put the Homeopathic principle of “like cures like” simply, Homeopathy uses minute amounts of natural substances that mimic the body’s symptoms, thus stimulating the immune system to regain its balance. In the case of Herpes, Nosodes – potentized  bioenergetic imprints of the corresponding strains of the herpes simplex virus (HSV1, 2, etc) or herpes zoster virus are used to coax an immune system response. The result? Millions of people have been symptom-free once the body efficiently produces antibodies to defend itself against the virus.

Natural Nutritional Supplements

Since a herpes outbreak is nothing but a sign that the herpes virus has managed to overpower the immune system, proper dietary support for the immune system is a great idea. Today, natural nutritional supplements are available in a form that is both free of chemicals as well as very easily absorbable by the body. Certain dietary supplements like Vitamin C, E, Copper lysine, Co-enzyme Q10, etc have been found to play a very significant role in herpes healing!

A New Age Meeting of Naturalism!

With the tremendous individual success of both Ayurveda and Homeopathy, great naturalistic minds have today been combining the success of these two natural systems. This combination along with natural dietary supplements specifically recommended for herpes, has made for a unique and interesting cocktail to not just address the herpes virus at every level of its functioning, but also to do it naturally and safely!

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