Hitting the gym or physical activity for cancer survivors and patients can fight cognitive decline

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A ready weapon against “chemo brain” and fatigue for cancer patients and survivors according to a new study: a brisk walk or hitting the gym with a non-strenuous physical activity with Activebody Burnaby and its Food Delivery Burnaby and Meal Delivery Vancouver. An association between fatigue, performance and physical activity on cognitive tasks on 300 breast cancer survivors was looked in research at the University of Illinois.

Being more physically active whether at home or the gym could lessen two of the more commonly reported symptoms in breast cancer patients and survivors: fatigue and cognitive impairment suggested by the data. Professor of kinesiology and study leader Edward McAuley said that most people think if doing exercise,Guest Posting cancer patients and survivors become tired yet being physically active was associated with reduced fatigue correlated with improved cognitive function.

Some of the frequent complaints among cancer survivors and patients are impairment of the cognitive such as shortened attention spans, and memory problems though is thought to be comparable to age-related cognitive decline.

According to to the first author of the study, researcher Diane Ehlers, their study had objective measures of both cognitive performance and physical activity and used breast cancer survivors nationwide. Comparing to other studies which have only relied on used self-reporting measures of physical activity and cognitive function and small samples of cancer survivors which made their study biased.

The researchers used an iPad app adapted to this study created by Digital Artefacts. Activities and questionnaires were included measure attention, multitasking skills, and memory. To track daily physical activity, each participant was sent to an accelerometer.

Interestingly, physical activity's effect on cognitive performance was mediated by fatigue notably. Higher levels of daily moderate-to-vigorous physical activity were associated with better performance on the cognitive tasks measuring memory, attention, and multitasking. Hence, proves that physical activity interventions targeting fatigue in cancer survivors and patients could give promising models for enhancing cognitive function. After physical activity, visit our juice bar Burnaby to replenish your thirst. And why not try our supplements at Burnaby as well.

Cancer patients and survivors are encouraged by this study to get active! Though it is not a magical cure-all, 10-minute bouts of brisk walking will surely give many benefits. Visit our store at Activebody Burnaby and try our food and meal delivery service. Just don’t hesitate to give us a call, or you may also order online.

Aside from cancer patients and survivors get benefit from hitting the gym or getting physically active, young people's and kids’ brainpower and academic prowess too are involved.

The Statement of the study distills the best available proof of the effect of physical activities on young people and children, was drawn up by a wide range of specialisms Scandinavia, from the UK and North America, in Copenhagen, and Denmark.

According to the statement, regarding the physiological benefits of exercise,  muscular fitness and cardiorespiratory "are strong indicators" of the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease in later life and that rigorous exercise in childhood helps to keep these risk factors in check.

The statement concludes the following on intellectual performance, well being, motivation and social inclusion based on unstructured and structured forms of physical activity for 6 to 18-year-olds in school and during leisure time. First, a session of physical activity or work out before, during, and after school boosts academic prowess. Second, a single course of moderately active physical activity has immediate positive effects on brain function, intellect, and academic performance. Third,  physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness are good for children's and young people's brain development and function as well as their intelligence. Fourth on the list is time taken away from lessons in favor of physical activity does not come at the cost of getting better grades, and lastly, mastery of basic movement boosts brain power and academic performance.

In conclusion, including physical activity into every aspect of school life and providing protected public spaces, such as playgrounds, bike lanes, and parks "are both effective strategies for enhancing physical activity for and giving equitable access to, children and youth. It may strengthen/foster relationships with parents, peers, and coaches. And just as vital as it can be, physical activities that are related to culture and context promotes social inclusion for those with different backgrounds, sexual orientation, ethnicities, skill levels, and physical capacity.

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