How Circulation Affects Intimacy

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How circulation affects intimacy.

Though intimacy enhancement may appear to be a relatively new trend,Guest Posting it in fact is not. The search for improved physical intimacy has been going continuously on for centuries. Very early recorded history indicates that people had a deep interest in finding and consuming the perfect aphrodisiac. Its unlikely that this perfection was ever found, but the desire remains and the search continues.

The emphasis for better intimacy has often taken an outside in approach: the goal has typically been to find some item or other that could be ingested or applied and produce magical intimacy results. This approach however tends to look past the vital role that physical health plays in intimacy performance. The reality is that in order for intimacy to take place at all, the body must be at a decent level of functioning and health.

One of the most critical aspects of bodily function in the role of intimacy is blood circulation. Penis and vaginal stimulation cannot take place if blood flow has been significantly compromised. Various methods are used to keep poor circulation from adversely affecting intimacy, including topical solutions, penile pumps, and the best known treatment for intimacy circulation difficulties there is: Viagra.

Prescription erectile dysfunction treatments, including Viagra, actually work by increasing blood circulation. Viagra was actually originally meant to be treatment for heart ailment, with an emphasis on improved blood circulation. The blood circulation properties in Viagra however were found to successfully improve male genitalia blood circulation to such an extent that it allowed for sexual functioning where it was exceptionally difficult or impossible to achieve previously. The enhancement of blood circulation from all erectile dysfunction treatments is why these drugs are prohibited for people with high blood pressure: they'd effectively improve the circulation of blood where it's already elevated, potentially causing a serious medical situation to occur.

The best method for ensuring good blood circulation so that intimacy can normally take place is by maintaining good overall health. Conditions that affect blood circulation flow, such as diabetes, are often directly correlated to a persons health state. While it's true that one can be born with diabetes, adult onset diabetes that occurs because of bad health habits is becoming more and more commonplace. Obesity is a primary factor in onset diabetes and may increase the likelihood of sterility because of increased body heat about the stomach and into the genital area. As a general rule then, good health is good for intimacy.

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