How Medica Stem Cell Therapy Heals Shoulder Osteoarthritis?

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Shoulder Osteoarthritis, the common form of arthritis, is also called degenerative joint disease and wear and tear arthritis. It occurs due to the wear and tear associated with ageing. This condition requires treatment, but that need not be surgical. Medica Stem Cells Regenerative therapy in Ireland helps to avoid the invasive technique of shoulder surgery. It can be your best alternative to treat shoulder arthritis pain.


What is shoulder osteoarthritis?

The shoulder joint is the most frequently damaged joints of the body. It is because of the massive complexity of varied mobility. But as there is no adequate support to the shoulder joint,Guest Posting you need to take extra care to stabilize the joint region.


The shoulder joint is the synovial joint part where hyaline cartilage covers both the ball and the socket (the humerus and the glenoid cavity). This articular cartilage gives cushion-like support and flexibility to the shoulder joint. It also prevents the bones from rubbing against each other. If this cartilage wears away, it causes more friction between the humerus and glenoid leading to pain. To compensate for the cartilage damage, both humerus and glenoid produce osteophytes (or bone spurs), that will restrict your range of motion.


Additionally, inflammation of the synovium (a delicate membrane that surrounds the shoulder joint) worsens the pain. This condition leads to a restricted range of motion. Additionally, inflammation of the synovium (a delicate membrane that surrounds the shoulder joint) leads to worsening of pain. This pain will keep on increasing with continuous work. As and when the pain continues, it migrates to the back of the shoulder. The intensity of pain will also vary according to the weather conditions. This condition is called shoulder osteoarthritis, where you need treatment.


As it is a degenerative condition, your physician may ultimately recommend shoulder joint replacement surgery. This is where you must understand the fact that there are non-invasive alternatives for surgical shoulder pain treatments like Regenerative therapies.


Conventional Treatment for Shoulder Osteoarthritis


The conventional treatment methods for shoulder pain involves R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice therapy, Compression, and Elevation) formula, activity modification, administration of NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), and the use of corticosteroid injections to reduce the pain and inflammation arising due to osteoarthritis. But prolonged administration of NSAIDs and steroid injections cause adverse systemic side effects. Moreover, steroid injections damage the adjacent normal tissues of the affected site and make them weak.


The surgical method involves the removal of damaged cartilage. But this procedure comes with potential side-effects such as pain, infection, bleeding, nerve damage and other side effects. Also, patients experience risks associated with the use of general anaesthesia. They will undergo an extensive rehabilitation program after the surgery.


Regenerative cell therapy for shoulder osteoarthritis

Though regenerative cells are already present in the human body, there arises a deficit as we age. Hence, our bodies will lose their regenerative power.


This is where minimally invasive non-surgical regenerative cell treatment helps in repairing the damaged cartilage and regenerating a newer one for better functioning. Regenerative therapies include cellular treatment and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Compared to surgery, regenerative treatment is nearly risk-free. Here, the cells are extracted only from the patient’s own body. There are no risks, like rejection and allergy associated with regenerative cell therapy. You will be experiencing significant improvement within a few weeks after the treatment. Hence, regenerative therapy is the best alternative to shoulder joint surgery in the case of degenerative shoulder disease.

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