How To Handle The 7 Causes Of Male Infertility

Feb 19


Eddy Elton

Eddy Elton

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This is an article on man's infertility and understand what are the causes and factors that affect their fertility that causes them not able to be dads and fathers. Understand the causes will increase your fertility chances.


In the 21st century,How To Handle The 7 Causes Of Male Infertility Articles not only female are suffering from infertility issues, their male counterparts are also suffering from it. There are causes of male infertility that hinders reproduction, which can deprive one’s happiness.Based on a research, most men are experiencing this.

Then, what are the factors that causes male infertility? They are:

1) The inability to handle emotional stress. Nowadays, many men are suffering from emotional stress that could lead to male infertility; it can be personal or family problem.

Both of these contribute a lot. So try to integrate important activities into your schedule. Including time-out to unwind. Everyone has a choice to liven life with a happy and positive attitude.

2) The absence of sperm presence or low sperm count is one of the causes of male infertility. Factors such as physical, mental or emotional stress, which could lead to low sperm count, so learn how to balance life stress. If we cannot prevent this from happening, it depends upon the individual on how he faces everyday challenges.

3) There are sexual issues that are causing male infertility. This matter is not only focus on one individual, this issue is on how both husband and wife works this out together. So husband and wife play a vital role to lighten up this issue.

4) The issue on testicular overheating to bathing in a hot tub of water can cause the sperm count to be low, that leads to male infertility, so try to find other ways and means to pamper yourself, going for a spa, jacuzzi, sauna, so try to minimize this, to avoid male infertility.

5) The problem of drug abuse has been the fact of human infertility problems. If one engages in drug abuse by taking too much of these things, it really causes a lot of trouble.

Smoking for example mostly men cannot stop from this bad habit, so that’s why some also are experiencing male infertility because of these vices which is smoking.

So if you are aware of it, try to minimize it because base in the studies, smoking is one of the factors that could lead to male infertility.

6) Obesity and malnutrition is one of the factors that are causing male infertility. There are studies that these factors have a great impact that causes male infertility.

Malnutrition, if we know how to regain or put back the losses nutrients on our system or so called the proper nutrients and amount that needed on our body to perform well.

It also called proper balanced diet, in order to regain one’s metabolism. Eating the right amount of food that could result to proper nutrition, that could help you boost your immune system.

7) Obesity on the other hand is the result of poor eating habit or no proper diet. This is the most common problem that everybody faces nowadays.

Based on statistics, every year number of obesity keeps on going higher and higher, it really shows that this problem affects a lot to men, especially those who don’t know how to control themselves.

Now that you are more aware the 7 causes and factors of male infertility, still there are no specific treatment of male infertility.

So what we can do is to open our mind to some changes on how to discipline ourselves, in order to lessen this problem.

Once you know the cause, so why not avoid it from happening or simply avoid it. What matters most is how you deal with it properly. We all know that dealing this kind of matter requires a lot of patience, especially with your partner, so try to work along together.

Once you are aware of the causes of male infertility, there are some solutions that couples can take. They can think of surrogacy or adoption or they can choose vitro fertilization. Having the faith of having a baby will overcome any fears of infertility.

Therefore, Eddy has started a information guide on how to help people to deal with infertility and offer good how to get pregnant solutions.