How to Safely Use Over - The - Counter Medicines

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While over-the-counter medicines come without a prescription, it is often wise to practice caution, because OTC medicines have their own side-effects.

Often it is the notion that some of the most common and frequently occurring diseases are quickly treated with over-the-counter medicines,Guest Posting that can be bought from any medical or pharmaceutical stores without a doctor's prescription. To some extend, yes, OTC medicines can function as quick functioning pain relievers and temporary disease cures, but this is not always the case. If you are not aware of which medicine functions the best for what purpose and how your body will react when the medicine is taken, it is never completely safe to get into the habit of popping in over-the-counter medicines; OTC medicines taken in high dosage or continuously over a period of time can do more harm than good.

Which Medicines can be bought Over-the-counter?

Mostly all the small dosage pain relievers are sold over-the-counter. However, it is often the Food and Drug administration institution of a country that analysis, if a drug is fit to be bought without an authorized physician's prescription. Like all medicines, even OTC medicines have certain side-effects and as per rule, only those medicines that are approved by the aforementioned institution are legally allowed to be sold as over-the-counter medicines in any pharmaceuticals.

Using Over the Counter Meds with Caution:

Always remember that no over-the-counter medicine gives you complete relief from an existing illness. In fact, all what the over-the-counter drugs do is to suppress the disease causing bacteria or may be virus for a shorter period or in the case of pain relievers suppress the pain inducing part of the brain, which makes it very clear that OTC medications provide just temporary relief. And this is the reason why such over the counter medicines seem to work better for diseases like common cold, head ache, itches, tooth pain and the kind.

Here are some measures you can follow if ever you happen to take over the counter medicines:

  • Consider talking over-the-counter medicines only if you are in real need of that; making it a habit can return serious after-effects.
  • Always ask and confirm before buying, if the medicine is legally approved by the guiding institution to be sold as over the counter medicine
  • Never consume OTC medicines continuously over a period of time
  • Always stick on to the recommended dosage in the medicine label and do not take higher dosages that can cause some serious health issues like liver damage, kidney malfunction etc.
  • If the symptoms of the disease for which you consumed the medicine do not seem to vanish or get worse, immediately consult an authorized physician for a prescribed treatment.

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