How to Transform Your Smile & Sustain the Result for Longer?

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Learn about the factors that affect Smile Esthetics, Teeth Whitening Treatment and more. Check reasons why it is best to visit a cosmetic dentist for the right treatment.

Having a sparkling smile is something that each one of us dreams of. It is known to be the best weapon that can melt hearts in a moment? A beautiful smile has the power to cure all ills,Guest Posting make someone’s day better, and win every heart. There are many factors responsible that can degrade the quality of a smile. People with yellowish, stained teeth, missed or cracked teeth feel hesitant in creating the magic of a smile due to these factors.

For people who long for having a dazzling smile, Teeth Whitening Treatment is the best solution. If someone wants to get over stubborn stains and yellowish teeth, then this treatment is the best and safest one. During the procedure at teeth whitening clinics, the stained and discolored teeth are bleached in a dental chair by the professional cosmetic dentist and the result is a whiter and brighter smile. Cosmetic Dentists give you a complete smile makeover with their best practices. But before moving further, here are some important factors that degrade your smile and one must be aware of.

Factors Affecting Smile Esthetics

There can be many reasons responsible for degrading one’s smile depending on one’s lifestyle, climate, and other feasible factors. However, we have penned down the key causes responsible to hamper the teeth’s appearance:

  • Excessive addiction to smoking or tobacco.
  • If you take too much alcohol, tea, coffee, and other such things.
  • Too much starchy and sugary food can discolor the natural shine of your teeth.
  • Any stick food item such as candies and chocolates can stick to the surface of teeth.   
  • Not to brush and floss regularly.
  • Accidents that damaged your teeth or you lost one.
  • Dark chocolate may stain your teeth
  • Genetic Issue.
  • Aging at times works as a barrier that prevents one to spread the magic of a smile.

These are just a few reasons that we could list that are responsible to degrade the natural shine and appearance of teeth. However, there can be many more factors. No matter what factor has caused the change in the color of your teeth or responsible for a cracked tooth, the only thing that can help you overcome the dental problem and bring in a beautiful smile again is by visiting a nearby cosmetic dentist.


Who can be the Ideal candidate for Professional Teeth Whitening?

Though teeth whitening is a trusted and safest way to wipe out the stubborn stains from the surface of teeth, yet each one of you cannot be the suitable candidate for the treatment. Past dental work, Poor Gum issues are some factors that make it difficult for you to undergo the treatment. But don't feel disheartened. Cosmetic Dentists know what is best for you and can help you address tooth discoloration problems and flash a beautiful smile. People with good oral hygiene and permanent teeth can undergo professional whitening treatment at ease. Just make sure to inform the dentist beforehand if the person has not got any previous dental work of tooth-colored fillings, crowns, and caps. As such teeth can’t be whitened like the rest of your teeth.

Visit your nearby dentist in Chandigarh and he can better advise you whether getting teeth whitening treatment is suitable for you or not. Visit the office of a reputed dentist near you now to find out if teeth whitening is the right thing for you or not.


Are Teeth Whitening Treatment Permanent?

No, the treatment is never permanent. With time as the person gets exposed to foods, drinks, and addictive substances including alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, etc. you may gradually darken your newly whitened teeth. But in this post, we have also listed some dental care tips that can help you maintain your pearly white smile for a longer period. It takes only a small effort and time to keep your whitened teeth looking their brightest for longer.

Get some tips on how to maintain your newly whitened teeth:

  • Brush or rinse immediately after taking any stain-causing beverages or foods
  • Remove surface stains and prevent yellowing with whitening toothpaste.
  • Drinking beverages with a straw may cause staining such as coffee, tea, or red wine.
  • Avoid eating dark chocolates as they contain caffeine.
  • Avoid intake of Lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits.
  • Check whether you need a touch-up. Some dentists recommend getting a touch-up after every six months or a year depending upon the method used for teeth whitening. Smoking or drinking addicts may need a touch-up more often.
  • Say No to Smoking. Tobacco stains are hard to remove from the teeth and can bring back the shades of yellow or brown color teeth.
  • Add Apples, celery and carrots, calcium foods like milk and cheese to your diet plan as they help avoid tooth decay and discoloration in the mouth.
  • Make sure to use regular toothpaste to brush your teeth.
  • Rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash once a day can help kill bacteria.


Getting your teeth whitened once and expecting them to stay the way they are forever is the wrong thing to expect. One needs to keep observing teeth from time to time, follow up with your doctor, and visit for regular weekly or monthly sessions. One can also use over-the-counter home teeth whitening products to avail of the desired result.


Why is it recommended to visit a cosmetic dentist for the right treatment?

A cosmetic dentist is a trusted professional that can give you a good piece of advice, which treatment of the dentistry will help you to come up with the situation. For the shade of your teeth undergo the teeth whitening treatment but if the dental problem is related to cracked, broken, or missed teeth, dental implants can be the right choice for you.

Your cosmetic dentist will not only advise you regarding the right treatment option but also, he/she will help you with the further procedure.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit a reputed dentist now to know your option that can improve your smile and beauty as well. Get a smile makeover.

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