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Platform lift is use to transfer the older or disable people from one floor to another. It is very good and effective way to transfer. The platform lifts are available in the huge variety in the market. If you are looking to purchase a platform lift for use in the home then you should make sure that this lift is purchased from the well known store or dealer. And you should also make sure that they provide you installation and maintenance services. 
Generally platform lift is fixed onto the staircase. You can purchase vertical,Guest Posting low rise and inclined platform lift according to your requirements. There are various kinds and huge varieties of platform lifts are available in the market, some of these are discussed below.
• Gulliver vertical lift• Vector vertical lift• Supra inclined lift• Low rise home platform lift
Gulliver vertical lift
This Gulliver vertical handicap lift is a perfect and beautiful combination of German engineering and Italian design. This handicap lift has 52 standard sizes and has the maximum height of 15 meters. And most importantly the platform is accessible from all the three sides of this lift so that is why it is very useful and ideal to be used in commercial settings and in home as well. This lift has a 400 kg lift capability. Some additional features of this Gulliver vertical lift’s are, 
• Alarm button• Emergency lowering device• Safety valve• TelephoneVector vertical lift

Vector vertical platform lift is manufactured in that way to fulfill the demands of today. The installation of this lift is very simple and easy because it does not need any modification in the home. And the lifting capacity of this lift is approximately 410 kg and that capability can be enhanced or increased up to 500kg. This lift can operate maximum 12 meter height. And the speed limit of this vector vertical lift is 0.15 meter per second.
Supra inclined lift
It is high quality reliable and durable lift. It is available in round shape and bright colors. This Supra inclined handicap lift is manufactured with high quality equipment and parts and it has folded away safety bars as well. It is appropriate for indoor and outdoor applications.
Low rise Home platform lift
This lift has safety door and this door can be interlocked. Most important feature of this low rise home platform lift is, it has under pan which is a pressure sensitive and it stops the lift immediately if the lift is touches any barrier. 

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