Important Information about Breast Cancer

Apr 30


Galuh Mahesa

Galuh Mahesa

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Breasts and uterus are the two most common places cancer may develop in women. Both areas are often examined and every woman owes it to herself to undergo such examinations periodically. Breast cancer is one of the most significant diseases impacting women, taking the lives of many thousands of women all over the world.


Breast cancer is very rare in women below the age of 40. In this article,Important Information about Breast Cancer Articles you will find useful information on breast cancer that every woman should be aware of.

When Should you is Alert for Breast Cancer?

Below are some of the symptoms that are alarming and one need to consult a doctor for careful breast examination.

1. If there is any change in the shape or outline of the breast when there is movement of arms and lifting of breast.
2. If there are any mounds, thickening or difficult areas in one breast or armpit, which seem to be not the same as the same the main other breast and armpit.
3. If there is discomfort and pain in one breast that is not the same as normal, particularly if it is new and persistent.
4. If there is discharge in a nipple or hard nipples (not milky).
5. If there is hemorrhage or there are humid reddish colored spots on the breasts.
6. If there is any change in the nipple position -- pulled in or paining differently. There is nipple break outs on or around the nipple.

There might be many reasons for the above changes in the breast. Most of them are harmless, but they need to be checked, as there is a small chance they may be the first sign of cancer or any other disease. In case of any change, consult a doctor.

Remember, the sooner it is examined, the simpler is the treatment likely to end up.
Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the information of a qualified physician before beginning any health program.

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