Improving Patient Outcomes With Digital pathology Solutions

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Often due to financial constraints or limited internal resources, many lab partners, as well as healthcare providers, face challenges for purchasing the whole slide scanners and scanning of slides. For such challenges, OptraSCAN has come up with a solution – Digital Lab as a Service.

With Implementing Digital Pathology Lab as a Service - Save Time,Guest Posting Share Data Anytime Anywhere, Improve Productivity, Higher Diagnostics Precision, Faster Turn Around Time. 

All The Benefits For Your Lab With No Upfront Cost 

OptraSCAN support laboratories arrive at the optimal configuration of slide scanning instruments required to process efficiently their case throughput and ensure the most compelling approach possible to financing digitization. 

 Seamless integration of OptraSCAN provides:  

  • Cloud-based whole slide imaging systems at no upfront cost
  • Flexibility to choose from 15 slides capacity to 480 slides capacity
  • Well-equipped for confocal, brightfield, fluorescence, and frozen section applications
  • On-demand analytical tools
  • 24x7 technical support will ensure the smooth running of this digital infrastructure
  • Upgrade to high-throughput scanner available


Please contact  for more information.    


OptraSCAN® whole slide scanners are CE marked for IVD use.

OptraSCAN Systems are for research use only in North America.

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OptraSCAN Inc

OptraSCAN® is eliminating the barriers to adopting digital pathology no matter the size of the pathology lab, the lab's throughput or location. Our affordable and easy-to-implement solutions will maximize your return on investment. OptraSCAN will be a partner to help improve the performance of your pathology services.

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