Learn the Treatments That a Periodontist Can Offer You

Jan 14


Aloysius Aucoin

Aloysius Aucoin

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If you are not happy with your smile or dental health, a periodontist can help. Learn some of the most common treatments.

Your dentist may send you to a periodontist if he or she thinks you need some help with your gums. This is because this kind of practitioner deals with the tissue around the teeth rather than just the bones themselves. Learn the specific treatments that this kind of specialist can help you with.

One of the most common reasons to see a periodontist is to get a deep cleaning. Some dentists can perform this treatment,Learn the Treatments That a Periodontist Can Offer You Articles but they may prefer to have you see a specialist instead. This usually occurs when you go in for a cleaning, only for the dentist to find that your gums are inflamed and you would therefore need a deeper cleaning than usual. This may require local anesthetic, and usually takes more time. In addition, it is usually more expensive, and you will be expected to have it repeated a few times per year instead of the usual two times annually that a regular cleaning should be done. Fortunately, you should not feel the tools that are used to get between the teeth to scrape out bacteria and plaque, as your mouth should feel numb at this point. You may experience some bleeding due to the sensitivity to the tissue around the teeth, but it will be worth it to avoid gum disease, or at least prevent it from getting worse.

You may find that your gums are receding, leaving the roots of your teeth exposed. This can result in lots of cavities since it is hard to keep them clean and free of food and bacteria when more of the surface is exposed. In addition, you may not like the look created by receding gums, as they can make each tooth look bigger than it really is. If you are self-conscious or worried about cavities, you can see a periodontist to find out how to solve the issue. He or she may use lasers and other modern equipment to try to regenerate some of the gum so your smile looks better.

If you are missing a tooth, or even several of them, you may be a good candidate for dental implants. If so, you would have to see a professional to get this treatment completed. It involves having a metal post screwed into the jaw bone, and then a tooth that looks real can be inserted so that you have no more gaps. The result is more confidence in your smile, especially since you know the dental implants will not fall out like dentures or other treatments might.

Your dentist should let you know more about how a periodontist can help you before he or she sends you to one. This way, you have an idea of what to expect, and whether your issue can really be cured. This should help you gain some hope that your smile will be exactly what you want it to be one day.

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