Check Out the Cost of Dental Implants in Monrovia, CA

Mar 16


Atlantic Dental

Atlantic Dental

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Are You in Monrovia and Need Dental Implants? You want a complete dental implant, for an affordable price.


Are You Looking to Solve Your Missing Tooth Problem?

It’s clear that everyone in this day and age is living longer, Check Out the Cost of Dental Implants in Monrovia, CA Articles stronger and feeling better than ever before thanks to impeccable medical advancements. In 50 years, we have seen our life expectancies climb up 10 years, which is really awesome, given that you take advantage of it and live life to the fullest! With so much life in us, it’d be really nice to smile about it with a full set of teeth.

Smiles are everything, your smile is what people look at first. You want to feel confident in your smile, not embarrassed people are staring at your teeth; that’d be bad for your confidence and self-esteem. If you’re looking to have a nice smile all your life, take a look at dental implants.

In this guide, I want to help you learn about dental implants and how it’s the best solution for missing teeth you want to get your hands on. Dental implants is my specialty and know exactly how much they cost, as well as what factors into the price of dental implants in Monrovia. I want you to get the best deal on dental implants, and it starts right here!

Facts You Must Know About the Cost of Dental Implants in Monrovia

One of the key facts you must know about dental implants is that they consist of 3 parts – the implant post, abutment and crown.

Each part is needed for you to have a complete dental implant. I say this because there are some places in the city of Monrovia that offer implants for an unbelievable price of $399. You may have seen this in a Sunday newspaper or going on the freeways that pass through Monrovia. While this price seems like a miracle, it’s too good to be true. These $399 implant practices only advertise their implant post price. They don’t put in fine print that the rest of the procedure can tally your expenses up another $1500+ per implant.

The truth is, most dental implant practices charge anywhere from $1500 to $6700 for a single tooth implant. There are exceptions, which sometimes beat that price or are so expensive you would think the implants they’re selling are made of 24k gold. Of course, there are many factors that affect dental implant costs in Monrovia. Here’s what you absolutely need to know.

Please be aware, I conducted research to gain dental implant prices of several hundred dental implant practices in the city of Monrovia and surrounding counties including Los Angeles and Orange County. Two things you should really consider when looking for dental implants is the quality and the pricing. I was very shocked by some of the quotes that I came across that aren’t in the range of normal dental implant prices. Some prices are so outrageous, up to $9000 for a single tooth implant, that I’m wondering who could ever afford that…unless they’re a Beverly Hills resident or a Hollywood superstar. One practice offered complete, high-quality dental implants for an affordable price of only $1200.

Pricetag on Quality

I talked about above the 3 different parts of the dental implant that are required to have a complete dental implant.

For the implant post, you want one that is composed of titanium. Titanium is a biocompatible material that is capable of bonding to your bone and acting a strong, solid root for the rest of the implant. You want the best for your teeth, yes? Make sure that you’re getting a titanium based implant post.

On the other end, the crown is only visible part of the implant that most people can refer to as their tooth. You can select from a variety of high-quality materials - including ceramic and porcelain – at your dentist’s approval. Depending on what material, and what tooth you are restoring, a crown can cost from anywhere between $500 and $3000.

Front vs. Back Tooth Dental Implants

Naturally, because of the physical nature of your jaw, placing a front tooth implant will cost more than a back tooth implant. That’s because implants posts are trickier to place in the front, and has less space to work with than your molars, making the procedure a little tougher than normal.

Location of the Dentist

There’s a lot of dental implant guides that recommend travelling all the way out to India to get a dental implant. Here’s the thing about that. It takes 4-6 months for the implant post after first being placed for it to heal properly. You’re also not guaranteed to get the best implant materials or have a nice dental experience. Combine this with a very expensive round-trip airfare makes travelling out of the states for dental implants unsuitable. You might be saving up to 100% of the implant costs in places like India, but not on the trip just to get there. Why do that when you can spend a little more to stay near home.

Another thing about location, there’s a lot of people in Monrovia and surrounding cities. Therefore, some dentist can afford to lower the cost of their services thanks to the numerous thousands of patients they may gain. Take advantage of affordable dental implant prices in Monrovia, but make sure you’re getting high quality, complete dental implants.

Procedures that May Increase Your Dental Bill

You may need to get a bone graft or sinus lifting in order for a dental implant to be placed, at your dentist’s discretion. That is because when you are missing a tooth, you are no longer supporting the jawbone where the missing tooth is, and thus leads to jawbone deterioration. This may sound bad, but it is very much treatable!

Bone grafting is a general procedure that takes blocks of bone from adjacent areas in your body to replace any missing or broken down pieces of your jawbone, and is affixed with mini titanium screws to help with the bonding process.

Sinus grafting is another common procedure that lifts the floor of your sinuses. This is needed if you’re restoring any upper back teeth because your sinus sinks when no teeth are present in the molar region. By getting a sinus lift, you’re repairing the upper jawbone as well as making sure your jawbone is tall enough for implants to be properly placed in.

Be careful! Wherever you go, that dentist needs to take x-rays of your mouth prior to talking to you about dental implants. You should never trust a dentist that won’t or only partially takes x-rays. After all, you want to make sure the dentist has a clear image of your mouth, and doesn’t mess it up and/or hurt you. My advice, is to make sure you’re getting work done at a credible dental implant practice.

The Benefits of Getting Dental Implants in Monrovia

I’ve talked a lot about the different factors that go into the pricing for dental implants in Monrovia, but do you know why dental implants are the #1 choice recommended by the ADA for replacing missing teeth?

Dental Implants Give You Back Your Smile

Yes! Dental implants are the only real solution that restore your teeth and give you a smile you can be proud of. Your crowns will match the exact shade of the rest of your natural teeth, it’ll look so much the same you’ll forget which ones are actually dental implants. You’ll laugh at yourself in the mirror just thinking about it!

They Support Your Jawbone

No longer will you have to worry about your jawbone breaking down. Prior to getting a dental implant, you may have experienced sunken facial appearances, making you look more like a ghoul and less like your beautiful self. With dental implants, and a successful bone grafting, you’ll have a strong healthy jawbone and can subtract years of aging!

No More Dentures, No More Hassles

If you’re a denture user, I understand the pain and embarrassment of having to use dentures. Dentures require daily removal just to clean them and reapply them. It can feel really blocky, and be a real pain for your gums. There’s also that occasional time where they may fall out during a luncheon or a night out with friends. Stop living a denture nightmare, dental implants feel natural, and won’t ever let you down. It sure would feel awesome to go to sleep at night with teeth in your mouth, rather than them soaking in disinfectant overnight!

Dental Implants Are Very Much Affordable

At first dental implants may seem more costly than that cheap denture or bridge. However over time, with replacement and refitting fees, dentures and bridges can be much more expensive than getting situated with permanent dental implants. If you’re worried about the cost of dental implants in Monrovia, there are options minutes away that may better suit your needs.

Final Thoughts

Dental implants in Monrovia are easy to come across. They are the number one solution for improving your smile, as well as the overall health of your mouth. I strongly recommend taking a look at dental implants, and finding a dental implant practice that meets your needs. Have a question? Make sure to leave a comment below and I will answer it promptly!