Light Axis Healing

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Light Axis Healing is a powerful holistic therapy that helps to heal emotional and physical trauma and illness.

Light Axis Healing

The Background of Light Axis Healing

Light Axis Healing is a powerful system of healing. It was developed by healing teacher,Guest Posting Glen Machin in the early 2010’s. His healing background was Karuna Reiki and Seichim Healing. In the early 2010’s he went into a deep meditation that lasted for a month. Within that period of meditation, he channelled and compiled all the information that became the Light Axis Healing Modality. He also channelled about 5 courses worth of information, which was then condensed to become the first 2 Light Axis Healing Courses. The courses are taught in Sydney Australia

The Light Axis Healing System

Light Axis Healing uses 7 advanced healing techniques within one healing. This allows the healer to heal the client in a variety of different ways, depending upon the nature of the problem. Many forms of healing that are out there, are really limited in their approach and really limit the healer and the result. This is because they only use one technique that is too simplified. Light Axis Healing is a simple and easy way to heal that uses a variety of approached to healing. Below are the 7 healing techniques used.

The 7 Light Axis Healing Techniques

1. The Body Scan Technique

The body and meridian systems are scanned intuitively for any beliefs, feeling or energy blockages. These blockages are then released intuitively. This is a visualisation technique. It involves the use of sacred geometry as well.

2. The Trauma Technique.

The beliefs, feelings and trauma that are held within the person’s meridian system are released intuitively and energetically. This allows for the healthy flow of energy to be re-   established.

3. The Oneness and Equality Technique

This Technique connects the client to the axiotonal lines of the Earth and Universe. It helps them connect to their soul purpose, or what they came to Earth to do in this lifetime. This Technique connects people to who they are.

4. The Regression Technique

This Technique allows for the release of negative emotions that are held within memories going back into the past. This is done on some clients, and with much care, to avoid re-traumatising.

5. The Akashic Record Technique

This Technique looks into past lives and is also a psychic future reading to a degree. It helps people see where they came from and where they are going. Some people completely lose their sense of purpose and live life going through the motions but not feeling they have direction or reason to do anything. They have lost sight of their own plan in life. This Technique connects them back to their soul theme, and puts them on track again.

6. The DNA Activation Technique

This Technique involves the activation of strands of a person’s DNA. These are metaphysical strands that when present, help us to evolve spiritually. Sometimes a person needs to evolve spiritually to be happy and be where they want to be in life.

7. The Delta Technique

This Technique uses affirmations and subliminal healing techniques that are uses in the awake and sleep states.

Where can I receive a Light Axis Healing?

The Light Axis Healing Website has amazing testimonials from satisfied clients from all over the world. Healing sessions can be purchased from the website. Healing sessions can be done over Skype, phone or email for your convenience. Healing sessions can also be done in person. Check out the Light Axis Healing Website for healing books, courses and audios. You can also purchase an accurate psychic clairvoyant reading separately from the site.

Legal Disclaimer

Light Axis Healing is not a replacement or substitute for medical care or psychological treatment. It is a complementary natural energy therapy. It does not medically diagnose or prescribe treatments for illness. Light Axis Healing is not a religion and is not affiliated with any religion.

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