Lower Facelift - Getting Rid of a Double Chin

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The eyes, forehead and cheeks are not all that a facelift can address. A lower version of the same operation can get rid of things like double chins and unattractive jowls.

There are a number of issues that a facelift can remedy. Both men and women look to plastic surgeons to help turn back the clock and create a more youthful appearance. Aside from removing wrinkles and smoothing out the skin,Guest Posting it is possible to address a person's double chin. Whether this is just a genetic trait or something that came as a result of weight gain, there is a way to transform this portion of the body.

Working on the Lower Half

While diet and exercise can change the way the body looks, a double chin and the jowls area are not going to be improved by trips to the local gym. Even liposuction cannot address the skin that is often loose and hindering a person's profile. In most cases, a lower facelift is the best option to correct the issue and make a change in the chin and neck area.

During a lower facelift, incisions are made in front of the ear and stretch all the way behind to give the doctor access to the skin that needs work. It is not uncommon for patients to also request a neck lift at the same time. With one operation, a person can see real changes and get the most out of the operation. The skin is separated from the tissue and the excess is removed. The muscles are tightened and any excess fat will also be removed. When the work is complete, the incisions are closed and the patient is ready to start recovering.

The Double Chin

As the surgeon is pulling the skin tighter, the excess around the jowls and the chin begin to disappear. Some patients will have a considerable amount of fat, tissue and skin removed. Others will have less removed from this area, however the changes may be just as noticeable. It is not unusual for patients to hear compliments about how much younger they look or hearing other people compliment them on the their weight loss. Either way, it is often nice to see that others notice the change.

Patients often ask for a neck lift while they are having a lower facelift. Improving upon the chin and the jowls will not be as beneficial if there is still a lot of skin and tissue sagging on the neck area. If a neck lift is to be included, another incision will be made at the bottom of the chin as well.

If you are interested in a facelift but you aren't sure which one will work best for you, consider making an appointment with a plastic surgeon to learn more about your options. If you know that you want to have your double chin addressed, the lower part of your face will need to be included in the surgery. Remember that a complete lift will change everything from the forehead and cheeks to the chin and the eyes.

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