Male Stretch Marks And How Women Generally Feel About It

Jan 19


Dean Stalk

Dean Stalk

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As a guy, you may not hear much about stretch marks. After all, aren't stretch marks a woman's problem? The answer is no, men are also widely affected by them, though you may not know it as men generally are less inclined to talk about stretch marks.

As a guy,Male Stretch Marks And How Women Generally Feel About It Articles you may not hear much about stretch marks.  After all, aren't stretch marks a woman's problem?  The answer is no, men are also widely affected by them, though you may not know it as men generally are less inclined to talk about stretch marks. 

Stretch marks occur when the skin, specifically the dermal layer, is required to stretch beyond its capability to do so.  This often happens during periods of rapid growth.  As young males often experience growth spurts or add substantial muscle during weight training, they have nearly as many opportunities as women to develop stretch marks.  If you are a guy and are worried about your stretch marks, you probably have three primary questions on your mind.

Do Women Care About Stretch Marks On Guys?

You might associate those reddish to purple livid lines with pregnant woman, not young men in the physical prime of their lives.  The truth is, it is estimated that approximately 60 per cent of men and 90 per cent of women will be affected by stretch marks during the course of their lives.  This means that almost all women know how frustrating stretch marks can be.  Most women almost certainly don't care that you have a few of your own.

One of the most common reasons why males develop stretch marks is that they grew too quickly during adolescence, meaning there is a good chance they are probably taller than a lot of their peers.  Being tall is certainly attractive to many of the opposite sex. 

Another reason for developing stretch marks is when a guy adds a lot of bulk in a short amount of time through weight lifting or athletics. Being muscular and athletic has never been much of a turn off to most women. Even if you are neither tall nor muscular, only an extremely shallow woman will make stretch marks an issue.

Are Stretch Marks A Health Risk? 

Your second question may be, do stretch marks pose a danger of any kind to my health?  The answer is no. Stretch marks are purely cosmetic in nature.  The flexible middle layer of skin, the dermis, undergoes micro tears during rapid growth which causes the purple or reddish marks you see on your skin.  Over time, these tend to fade to either silvery or white marks.  While tearing sounds traumatic, it isn't a serious physical threat to you, just an annoyance. However, the very real and substantial risk stretch marks pose is to ones self-esteem and confidence. For this reason, if stretch marks are causing you a great amount of stress, you should consider dealing with them.

How Do I Get Rid Of These Stretch Marks?

Your third concern might be, how do you get rid of these marks? The good news is, you have many options to consider when it comes to treatment these days. 

Recent advancements in medical technology now afford you the opportunity to have your stretch marks reduced with the use of laser technology.  You can choose between excimer, pulsed dye, and fractional laser therapies.  These new techniques have made stretch mark removal faster and more effective than ever before. 

However, you should be aware that no process will remove stretch marks completely.  Laser treatments can substantially reduce their visibility, so they can be worth your time to investigate. See a qualified dermatologist or stretch mark specialist for a personal consultation. 

Another treatment option is the many topical stretch mark creams on the market today. Creams are less expensive than laser treatments, but finding a good one for you can be daunting. Stretch mark creams run a wide range in price and effectiveness, so a bit of research and careful shopping is needed in this area. 

Stretch mark cream prices range from about $25 to $125 for a months supply and typically take several months of consistent use to be effective. To that end, if you aren't in a hurry to get rid of your marks and are willing to do a little research, topical stretch mark creams are clearly an economical alternative to laser removal therapy.

So, now you have these three main questions about stretch marks answered.  Do women care about stretch marks on guys?  The answer is generally no, because they likely have some of their own.  Even if she does mind, you have options for removing them that you can pursue.  Are stretch marks dangerous?  No, but they can cause undue stress, especially to young teenage males in an impressionable time of their lives. How can you get rid of them?  Visit a qualified dermatologist for a full consultation and discuss what options suit your particular case.