Apr 16


Anna Humphries

Anna Humphries

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With the increasing burden of studies for the students, many mental health issues have started coming come.


Earlier,MENTAL HEALTH AND BEHAVIORAL THERAPIES FOR STUDENTS Articles there used to be less coursework’s to be done for a student but with time this has been increasing. Now there are many courses for a student to check and do assignments for all of them. Due to such issues, many students have started looking for the terms “pay to do my assignment online”. 

These students are looking for help. This is mainly because they are not able to cope with the mental pressure they are going through. They are struggling to manage so much work in little time and therefore they need help.

Students are often not the ones who receive mental help. Their mental health is often neglected because it is generally believed that a student is supposed to take the burden and study and that is considered as a part of his duty.

There are various therapies for the mental health of students and it is highly important that these therapies are being used to help the students cope with the pressure of studies and the mental issues they go through.

Mental health issues

As the burden of studies has increased very quickly, more and more students are facing mental health issues. This is because the stress of studies is making students more anxious and worried and that stress is affecting their mental health negatively. Moreover, students aren’t able to find time for themselves or other activities and they are behind getting their assignments done in time or having good grades in exams.

Earlier when studies used to be lesser, students could easily divide their time and therefore they could do the work in an easy manner. Now, this has changed and students are forced to put more time and complete things quickly to match the increased demand. This has left students anxious and with mental health issues.

Depression has become common in students and this is mainly because now they have a lot to manage which wasn’t the case in the earlier days. The changed educational system has hit hard to the mental health of the students.

With more burden of studies, the less of students has significantly reduced. This is because now they have to focus on many things whereas earlier lesser things were there. As they have to manage a lot, they tend to get disinterested and show less focus. With increased burden, students have lost the interest which directly affects their focus and so now they are not able to focus on their studies as much as they used to do in the past.

Behavioural health

Behavioural health refers to mental and emotional well-being. This includes emotional issues like depression, grief, mood disorders, anxiety and mental problems like people with autism, learning disabilities and bipolar disorder. Substance abuse and addiction also come in behavioural health. Even in today’s modern world, talking about mental health is still considered a taboo and people are embarrassed to share their condition because the society takes any mental issue as being mentally sick or thinks the person is being over conscious and making up things. However, it should be understood that mental issues are most devastating than physical problems and should be given attention well in time. People seeking help for mental issues should be supported and encouraged to come forward. It is very important to raise awareness about behavioural health problems and counselling for the same. Mental health possesses a bigger risk to a person’s happy life than any physical disease. Patients of mental health concerns struggle to maintain their healthy relationships, aren’t able to go through different ups and downs in life or grow towards betterment. Therefore, behavioural health counselling is very important.

For behavioural health consultants, the main service they have to offer is integrated in nature meaning they have to take care of a person as a whole while integrating primary health care with mental health care. They usually see each patient for 15 minutes and interview them. The first thing a behavioural health consultant does is to speak with the person in a friendly way and makes him speak up about his problem. Then they try to get a peek into the patient’s personal life as that affects your behavioural health the most. Once they conclude the problem and the root cause, they start counselling sessions. In these sessions, therapies are done and motivational interviewing takes place. It is an effective way to bring people out of their mental problem. These consultants also use various means to interpret the patient’s condition and find out the reason behind it. One of the tests they usually take is drawing test in which they try to interpret any rough drawing made by the patient and judge his thoughts behind it.

Various therapies are used by behavioural health consultants to treat their patients. Some of the most commonly used therapies are:

  • Cognitive- behavioural therapy- this therapy has two aspects. Firstly, it teaches you to believe in yourself and shows you positive aspects of your life. Secondly, it helps you take healthier actions to improve your mental condition. It is mainly used for patients of depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.
  • Art therapy- by using this therapy patient are made to participate in different activities like music and dance to divert their mind from their problems. 
  • Interpersonal therapy- this therapy is mainly important for people with depression who find it difficult to interact with others. It helps a patient improves his relationships and expresses himself more openly.
  • Family therapy- this therapy involves the patient’s family members as they are made to communicate and sort out issues.

It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure that the students can receive enough mental help and support. We need people with better and stable mental health because they can then support our society. Students are very important for society and therefore their mental health is important. The entire society needs to ensure that they are supporting the students in developing their mental health.