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MMA gloves, otherwise called as grappling gloves which are open-fingered gloves utilized by mixed martial arts professionals. They are designed to pro...


MMA gloves,MMA GLOVES Articles otherwise called as grappling gloves which are open-fingered gloves utilized by mixed martial arts professionals. They are designed to provide protection for fingers mostly used for grappling maneuvers such as submissions and clinch fighting.

Mostly boxers hand get injured due to gloves during the fight so, specially designed MMA gloves helps to reduce such injuries like cuts and bruising. Premium quality MMA gloves helps to provide additional strength and impact of punches during fights and also helps the boxer to fight for longer time.

MMA gloves comes with premium leather construction. The gloves is best for better durability and functionality. The hook and loop wrist strap provides superior wrist support and helps in customizable fit. MMA hooking gloves are designed particularly for competition based fights. For increased flexibility and comfort, MMA gloves are refined with padding silhouette and an ergonomic fist shape. Also, the padding can be in closed cell durafoam.

The gloves are made with the closed cell foam technology for a better wrist security and comfort. For those need protection for wirst and fist, then MMA gloves are the best choice. Premium grade leather has a great design and development which provides the hands power and protection. For maximum power transfer, hybrid mix features provides horse hair and foam. Furthermore, a three ring foam colloar system on the cuff protect against wrist hyper flexion; elastic cuffs can also be used for professional form fit.

Below mentioned are the features of MMA training gloves:

  • Fingerless

  • Cushioning which is lightweight

  • Touch and close wrist fastener

  • Everlast branding

Everlast MMA gloves are a must buy gloves for the fighters as they are designed specially for grappling in MMA fights. Everlast MMA gloves is made of lightweight padding throughout. If you are trying to get most out of your training sessions, MMA training gloves is a ideal choice. These training gloves benefit from a wrap around touch and close wrist fastener for a secure fit .

Below mentions are the features of Everlast MMA Gloves

Padded Knuckles - Everlast MMA glovesare special because it gives maximum protection to the knuckles while providing mobility to hands during the fight. The hands and fist gets more protection as it contains more padding layers.

Open fingertips for increased grip – The gloves are designed to provide ultimate grip during the fight. Reinforced seams and finger slots are also included.

Adjustable hook and loop strap – The hook and loop wrist strap with tri-sect closure in these open fingertip gloves secures the wrist and the elastic cuff gives enhanced comfort. This strap can be adjusted easily based on the wrist size for extra convenience

Ever Dry Technology- This is unique technology incorporated in the equipment; this provides moisture absorbing lining which helps keep the hand dry and helps the equipment stay for long time.

MMA gloves has a great design made of synthetic leather for increased durability and feature an open palm for great comfort. The open palm design gives more control and a better grip during grappling which in turn keeps the hands dry and cool.