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The best way to assure safe showers for the elderly by investing in these shower aids. Have a look at them.

Lack of self-balance is the major problem when it comes to elderly people. And with severe mobility issues,Guest Posting bathing can become a risky task. Since skipping a bath is not an option for maintaining self-hygiene, we got you a list of shower aids. These bathroom products for the elderly are an easy way to improve shower safety. With these shower accessories, you can avoid risky situations like falling while bathing, slipping while getting out of the bath, etc., for the elderly or disabled.

Bathroom Grab Bars

Bathroom grab bars are one of the handiest ways to improve bathroom safety for elderly people. A bathroom grab bar gives a stable surface to hold onto while moving around in the bathroom. You can permanently install bathroom grab bars into the bathtub area or temporarily clamp them onto the tub edge.

You can either install shower grab bars permanently or have them suctioned on. They work as shower handles to hold onto while moving into the bathroom or out of the shower. You can also install bars beside the toilet to increase safety on and off the toilet. Bathroom grab bars are multi usable and are relatively inexpensive products for the elderly to improve bathroom safety.

Bathtub Chair

A bathtub chair is set in the bath or shower to give the elderly a place to sit down while showering.

There are two types of essential bathtub chairs:

  • Bathtub/shower stool (without back support)
  • Bathtub/shower chair (with a back)

These chairs accommodate the elderly people's need for balance.

Shower Board

It is helpful in a bathtub and spans the width of the bathtub. This board requires a lip on either side of the bathtub big enough to sit on and secured with dials.

The list of it’s essential roles includes:

  • Providing a surface for the person to sit down on from outside the bathtub to experience the bathtub while sitting. This even prevents falls or slip downs.
  • Allowing the person to slide over into the middle of the bathtub. This too decreases the risk of falling or slipping in the bathroom.
  • Serving as a safe surface to sit on while showering.

These are beneficial for people who are deficient in maintaining the balance while stepping in and out of the bathtub or need a place to sit while showering.

Folding Shower Chair

A folding shower chair comes in two types:

  1. A folding bathtub chair

    • Either with a back (chair)
    • Or without a back (stool)
  2. A permanently installed flipping board in the bathtub or shower that flips up and down to sit on while bathing

A folding shower chair can even be an excellent way to save space.

Shower Bench

Shower benches are commonly known as bath benches. The bathroom bench is commonly set up with two feet inside the bathtub and two feet outside. This is essential to keep the bench at a still level. The feet set inside the tub will be shorter than the ones outside the tub.

The shower bench provides a flat surface for elderly people to sit on outside of the tub. After which, they can swing their legs into the tub while sitting down only. Doesn't this sound much safer than lifting their legs up and over the side of the tub?

They can also use it as a sliding transfer bench while scooting their bottom across it while sitting. This eventually reduces the risk of falls.

The shower bench differs from the shower board due to its adjustable height and presence of a backrest.

Shower Wheelchair

A shower wheelchair looks like a wheelchair that rolls right into a shower stall. For this, the shower stall should be big enough to accommodate and move the shower wheelchair easily. They are primarily used for people who have caregivers. The shower wheelchair also has brakes. They also help paralyzed elderly or those who are facing difficulty in maintaining an upright position. Shower wheelchairs even have seat belts and headrests to keep a person safely grounded in the shower wheelchairs.

Investing in these shower accessories will promote accessible showers for the elderly with an assurance of safety. From all of the above mentioned accessories, you should go for the one that suits best to the requirements of your loved ones. Like Shower boards are the most reliable of all aids if you want to provide a sitting facility to elderly without sacrificing comfort or safety.

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