Natural juices to boost immunity

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Natural cold-pressed juices are a rich source of fiber and healthy nutrients. In addition to improving digestion and blood count, they are great for strengthening the immune system.

The Right Healthy Immune System Booster contains a handful of cold-pressed fruits and vegetables to boost immunity,Guest Posting so let’s go in order to learn about their health benefits.

Cycles to boost immunity

Beetroot juice - Sok od cikle - is good for the brain because it contains nitrates, chemicals that are converted into nitrites in the body. Studies show that nitrites help maintain the flexibility and elasticity of blood vessels. This maintains the stability of blood pressure and improves blood flow through the body, and thus through the brain. Research shows that about 500ml of beetroot juice a day improves blood flow to the brain in the elderly, especially to the frontal lobe, the part of the brain where circulation is often reduced in senile dementia. Bright pinkish red or yellow comes from the pigment betalin, and they can protect against some types of cancer. Beetroot will certainly contribute to strengthening the immunity of your body.

Carrots reduce the risk of heart disease

Cooked and crushed carrots become a natural remedy against skin irritation and indigestion due to soft pectin fiber. One study showed that pectin also helps lower cholesterol. This is one of the reasons why people who took 39 grams of carrots every day, or 26%, reduced their risk of heart disease by 26%. The intense orange color of carrots is given by beta-carotene, which protects the heart and arteries by incapacitating oxygen molecules (so-called free radicals) that can damage cells. Carrot seed oil is used to moisturize the skin. Carrot juice is rich in antioxidants and vitamin A, which is great for protecting the skin from UV radiation, which is the culprit for wrinkles and dry skin.

Green salad for weight loss

People who regularly eat a full bowl of leafy green vegetables have values of folic acid, vitamins C and E, lycopene that protects cells, and alpha and beta carotene more than average. The nutritional value of leafy salads is not the same in every species. Lettuce as the first dish for a meal is a good weight loss tactic. Saturate you so you will consume 7 to 12 percent fewer calories in that meal.

Spinach is rich in vitamins A and K.

Contrary to popular belief, these leafy vegetables are not too rich in iron. Spinach, however, is rich in vitamins A and K and healthy flavonoids that have earned it a superfood reputation. In animal experiments, spinach extracts slowed tumor growth and alleviated inflammation. In addition, it contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect the eyes from macular degeneration.

Lemon to boost immunity

Strengthening immunity with lemon juice. The healing properties of lemon juice are due to the chemical composition of lemon, which contains citric acid, sugar, a very high content of vitamins C, and also vitamins A, B and D. Lemon juice gives a very good effect on rheumatism, bone pain, back pain, and it is an excellent remedy against intestinal parasites. It helps with inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose and oral cavity, stops bleeding from the nose, and it is used to remove fungal infections on the skin, and whiten blemishes and freckles on the skin.

Mandarin to boost immunity

Mandarin juice is a valuable dietary product. The fruit contains sugar, citric acid, vitamins, phytoncides. Taking mandarin juice especially in winter strengthens the immune system, and also strengthens the appetite, improves digestion and metabolic processes. Removes inflammation of the bronchi and upper respiratory tract. It also makes coughing easier. Mandarin juice is an effective remedy for fungal diseases. The most important phytochemicals of mandarin are flavonoids and terpenes, and the yellowish color comes from xanthophyll, and vitamin A, which is responsible for good eyesight and velvety skin. We should also emphasize the abundance of fiber and vitamin C, which classify mandarin as a food suitable for stimulating digestion and cleansing the body and strengthening the immune system.

An apple to treat anemia

Apple juice - Sok od Jabuke - contains extremely active substances, proteins, fats and cellulose. Apple juice contains a lot of organic acids. Apple, wine, lemon and others. Vitamins C, A and B, essential oils as well as mineral salts. Apple juice is effective against anemia due to the large amount of iron. The use of this juice facilitates expectoration. Grated apple juice is used in colitis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Ginger against colds

In our juices we use only fresh ginger root.So is obtained by the method of cold pressing fresh ginger root. This is by far the healthiest method of consuming ginger juice. Fresh ginger root in its composition hides many substances with potential biologically active action. Ginger contains 2-3% protein, 0.9% fat, 1.2% minerals, 2.4% fiber and 12.3% carbohydrates. It also contains 1 to 3% volatile oils, oleoresin, phenols and a proteolytic enzyme. The spiciness is due to the gingerol content, while the aroma is given by volatile oils. Ginger is used to treat diseases and conditions such as colds, nausea, arthritis, migraines and hypertension.

Nettle against anemia and diabetes

Nettle juice is made from wrinkled leaves that are rich in iron, vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium or phosphorus. The healing properties of nettle are reflected in its composition. The nettle plant contains a lot of nutrients and valuable ingredients such as vitamins A, C, B and K. It also contains a lot of iron which is needed to treat anemia. Of the minerals there are potassium, phosphorus and magnesium needed for the proper functioning of muscles, bones and the breakdown of fats in the body.
Nettle juice also contains flavonoids, sterols, tannins and sterols. They have antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its unique composition, nettle can help with arthritis and sore muscles. Anemia and reduced risk of developing diabetes 2. It also helps with allergies, diarrhea and respiratory diseases.

Chokeberry - Sok od Aronije - to boost immunity

Sok od aronije is full of biologically active compounds. This juice contains bioflavonoids, polyphenols, all essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins. As an exceptional antioxidant, chokeberry prevents the formation of free radicals and in winter reduces the impact of oxidative stress. Mother chokeberry juice slows down the aging process and prevents the development of chronic diseases. today the strongest known antioxidant.

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