Natural Looking False Eyelashes- Different Types and Tips to Wear Them

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Natural-looking false eyelashes are a blessing to those with sparse eyelashes as it accentuates the beauty of your eyes without irritation and fuss. Contrary to the popular concept that false eyelashes have a fake appearance, these eyelashes appear natural, and therefore it can be worn consistently. This article will walk you through different types of falsies and ways to care for them.

Mascara is no longer the only cosmetic option to enhance the appearance of your eyes. You have natural looking falsies or false eyelashes that accentuate the beauty of your eyes. As there are different types of false eyelashes,Guest Posting most women consider falsies as an indispensable part of their cosmetic kit. False eyelashes work its own magic by elongating the shape of your eyes, giving the illusion of large and mesmerizing eyes. The effects of some of these falsies can also be enhanced by using a coat of mascara.

Types of Falsies

A few popular varieties of false eyelashes that appear natural include strip eyelashes, cluster eyelashes, and single eyelashes. Strip eyelashes, which are applied over the natural lashes, give your eyes full, bold, dark, and bigger appearance. It can be applied conveniently, which is the reason it is one of the most popular natural-looking falsies among celebrities too. Cluster eyelashes are packed in clusters with 8-10 eyelashes. These falsies fill the missing spaces in your natural lashes and complete your appearance. Single eyelashes are simple individual strands that are light and give a natural appearance to the wearer. These falsies are quite expensive compared to strip eyelashes. You can cut strip eyelashes and apply them as single eyelashes if the cost is your primary concern.

How to care for them

Natural-looking false eyelashes last for a long time if you care for them properly. You can easily wear these falsies many times when you use them in the right manner. It also needs to be stored aptly. Remember to use a good quality adhesive and makeup remover while you use false eyelashes. Using a high-quality makeup remover ensures that the delicate falsies can be removed without causing any irritation. You need to peel it away from your eyelids carefully. The next step involves removing the glue from the falsies. It must be removed completely and cleaned before storing it away. False eyelashes must also be stored in an airtight container, away from dust and debris. Falsies are often worn consistently and any debris on it will affect your eyes, causing irritation and infection.

It is quite natural to feel light irritation when you wear false eyelashes for the first time. However, it is important to remember not to pull and tug on these lashes as it can affect your natural eyelashes and cause infections and swelling. If irritation persists, it is important not to wear falsies on that day. Use clean hands while you apply and remove false eyelashes. Remember- never share your false eyelashes as it can cause infection. Natural-looking falsies will give you the desired and perfect appearance with little effort. So go ahead and grab your choice!

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