Natural Panic Attack Cures

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Advantages Of Natural Panic Attack Cures

Natural panic attack cures deal with alleviating the symptoms of the panic attack. 

Panic attacks are unexpected and abrupt periods of intense fear,Guest Posting anxiety, or discomfort accompanied by shortness of breath, trembling, heart palpitations, hyperventilation, tingling sensation, nausea, and impending doom.  At least four or more of theses symptoms develop.  The attack reaches it’s peak within ten minutes and diminishes over the next thirty minutes or maybe several hours.  The intensity and frequency of the attacks vary.

When you are having a panic attack it’s best to take care of the symptoms.  This can be done through natural panic attack cures.  When you are having a panic attack cure, try remembering happy events from your childhood.  Researchers are trying to impress upon people the significance of sniffing aromas that remind them of happy childhood times.  A couple of sniffs of these aromatic pleasers can make you become more relaxed and can instantly reduce your fears.  This is the first stage of ending the pannick attack.

According to research, baby powders are a comforting odor to most people.  It is one of the natural panic attack cures.  Dependant upon your childhood environment, other odors work in a similar method.  People from the South prefer the scent of fresh air.  Those who are from the East Coast prefer the smell of flowers.  Midwesterners are partial to the scent of farm animals, and last, those from the West like the smell of meat barbecuing. 

Natural panic attack cures are preferred to medial treatment with drugs because of the dangerous side effects associated with many prescription drugs.

Contrary to popular belief, when you are in the middle of a panic attack, do not sit down.  When you are in an attack, you are experiencing an adrenaline rush.  Way you should do at this point is burn off the adrenaline by exercising.  You should move around in some way; perhaps take a walk.  People who exercise daily recover more quickly in anxious situations than do those who only exercise when they experience an attack.

When you experience a panic attack you hyperventilate.  You need to try your best to take deep breaths.  Try keeping your shoulders straight and breathing from the diaphragm.  Slowly expand and contract your stomach breathing in and out.

Natural panic attack cures are very valuable to know if you are a sufferer of panic attacks or you know someone who is.

Another method is counting backwards from one hundred.  This takes your attention off the actual panic attack and helps you to focus your attention on something else; therefore, you aren’t concentrating on fighting the actual panic attack.

If you are a person who has panic attacks make sure to stay away from caffeine.  Colas, coffee, chocolate, and tea are your worse enemies.

With your doctor’s consent, try some natural panic attack cures and see if they work for you.

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