New Self Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

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There are various treatments of anxiety include psychological and drug treatments and depend to a certain extent on the type of symptoms or disorder the person is suffering from.

Psychological treatments of Anxiety are often tried first. They may include learning about the symptoms and realizing that though they are frightening they are not medically dangerous. Relaxation techniques can also be helpful.

A persons full range of symptoms needs to be understood,Guest Posting this enables any underlying disorder that causes the Anxiety symptoms to be treated. In particular, if the Anxiety symptoms are secondary to a depressive illness then the focus of the treatment will be on the depressive illness.

The genetic basis of anxiety disorders may be further confirmed by studies of twins. Moreover, molecular biology today allows testing specific genetic hypotheses derived from clinical or neuro-imaging fields. With the aim of presenting a detailed and clear over-view of the genetic components of anxiety disorders and potential development of this idea we will discuss different anxiety disorders and their genetic background.

There are a number of drugs available that are specifically anti-Anxiety treatments. These include diazepam and lorazepam. These medicines are effective in quickly relieving the symptoms of Anxiety.

Anti - anxiety drugs, mild tranquilizers and antidepressants are prescribed for treating different kinds of Anxiety Disorders. A lot of choices are available in each drug class but it is not established yet, for what kind of Anxiety Disorders which drug is most effective. The effect of medication varies person to person. One drug does not give the desired results then the other drug is tried. This does not necessarily mean a patient need to be experimented with a number of drugs. The patient only need to take care or to be cared and be in contact with an expert who will monitor the effect of drug, may suggest a change in drug or make a drug continue till the patient overcome.

You may learn specific relaxation techniques either by your doctor or on the internet. However, it is recommended that you practise these techniques under your doctor's guidance initially so that both of you are confident that you are able to practise correct relaxation techniques. Daily routine of these relaxation techniques is necessary for controlling anxiety. You should also practice them whenever you feel the inner tension rising or when faced with situations that normally lead to anxiety.

In 1998 the National Institute of Health conducted a study at the University of Arizona. For sixteen weeks during this study they looked at the effects of acupuncture on thirty-four patients that were classified as being seriously depressed. There were three groups during this study. The first received depression targeted treatment, the second received false treatment with needles in nonspecific area and the third was placed on a waiting list before they started treatment for eight weeks.

A good exercise program, for about 30 minutes a day, will help the brain to work better through promoting the better functioning of your neurotransmitters.  It also will help to produce more endorphins; will help you to fell better.

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