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New York psychologists are people who work in a number of different areas sharing their expertise with others in order to help people. You will find New York psychologists working in universities as teachers and counselors. You will also find them doing research.

Many of the statistics that you read about what to do with dreams,Guest Posting sleep, anger management, and social behaviors are done by psychologists that are doing research in order to help enlighten us that we might benefit from the knowledge in positive ways. There are also New York psychologists that work as clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, psychiatric nurses, marriage and family therapists, social workers and those who work in private practice.

New York psychologists are professionals who are required to obtain a minimum of education and practice to be licensed in the state of New York.

After a basic education and an undergraduate degree, the individual must complete a doctoral degree in psychology. This must be followed by a two year period of experience in their field under the supervision of a psychologist. This practical training may take place in a clinical environment or at a hospital. When this is completed, the person must pass an examination to the satisfaction of the board of psychology.

All those who seek to be licensed must be at least 21 years of age or older, considered to be of good moral character and cannot have a criminal record. The fee and processing of the examination is $175. The greater area of New York has a good amount of professional counselors and mental health professionals that is growing every year.

According to 2007 statistics the number of professionals was as follows: The Bronx (Bronx county) had 175 licensed practitioners, Brooklyn (King county) 631, Manhattan (New York County) 2,950. Queens ( Queens county) 437 and Staten Island (Richmond county) 112. In total numbers, licenses received in all of New York State were 11,349. This does not represent the number of people in practice as some of them may workout of state or are taking time off.

Like all other states and countries, New York psychologists are social scientists. It is practical and involves observation, evaluation and interpretation. Psychologists using their methods are able to help in the modification of certain individuals.

The type of behavior that is considered undesirable or maladaptive can then be prevented, eliminated or modified. A behavior that needs to be changed is behavior that is not acceptable to society because it can be harmful to others or those who exhibit it. The areas of psychology are, to say the least, vast. These professionals study many different areas, some of which are often surprising to people. Sensation and perception, intelligence testing, stress coping, health, human development through the entire life span, motivation and emotion, consciousness and the basics of behavior, social behavior and the study and treatment of psychological disorders.

New York psychologists also study in areas of archeology and biology, and don?t let it surprise you if you find a psychologist or two working at the zoo in order to study social behavior. Psychology is not just about humans but also understanding them from the DNA level, how they are affected by the environment from the outside as well as how they react to it from the inside. Because of this, psychology continues to advance in a world of human diversity.

The majority of people who seek help or assistance from a New York psychologist are people from the mainstream of society. They are people that are like you who live typical lives. They are involved with family, work, which involves us in relationships that include family members, work associates and communication with others or social interaction. These people work with New York psychologists to learn coping skills for stress, sleep problems, depression and improving mental skills like memory, as well as getting rid of behavior that isn?t considered bad but interferes with the quality of life that a person is seeking for themselves. New York psychology in private practice can be found in the yellow pages of any phone directory.

They can also be found on the internet where you can gain information to help you decide what type of psychologist you need. In many cases the information covered will also include a map that tells you where the office or hospital is to be found that you wish to go to.

Other places to find a New York psychologist are from your family doctor, hospitals, health care centers, schools, some businesses, community mental health clinics and community health centers. New York psychologists have been trained to have empathy and respect for their clients. Most people who are looking for personal help will probably look at therapy called insight therapy, in which a psychologist assists the individual in getting to know and understand their self better so that they might recognize behavior that is often unconscious.

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