Paracetamol - Sweet Syrup That Sharpens Memory, Reduces Stress

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Paracetamol has been studied since a long time for its efficacy in pain relief and fever treatment. Now; a novel approach towards the drug has indicated lower agitation levels, reduced stress and therefore increased memory in some people.

Paracetamol has been in the medicine fraternity for quite some time,Guest Posting at least a century, and has proven itself to as an efficient barrier for fever and pain. Adding another feather in its cap, research has suggested that paracetamol may have the potential to increase memory. It is believed that paracetamol acts on the part of brain that is responsible for memory recall.

Paracetamol has been a preferred drug in various forms to gain relief from fever, pains and aches. It works by reducing the presence of certain chemical produced in the body called prostaglandins - the chemicals responsible for sensitizing nerve endings upon discomfort or pain at any part of the body. This is achieved by blocking an enzyme release from the body, a chemical known as cyclooxygenase-2 that initiates release of prostaglandins. In other terms, blocking the precursor enzyme would stop the effectors from production that produces the effect and hence required action is successful.

Apart from its obvious action, paracetamol also shows the activity of releasing serotonin, a chemical released in the brain that is responsible for causing pleasure. This chemical is also targeted while preparing certain recreational drugs that induce pleasure and make you feel good. In the context of paracetamol and memory, serotonin is considered an indirect catalyst to sharpen the memory by reducing levels of stress, a factor responsible for causing memory loss.

Paracetamol or its forms such as paracetamol, when ingested, also is found to activate the area of the cerebrum called hippocampus that is responsible for learning, problem-solving and memory functions.

The effect of paracetamol is still being considered for further research due to it is ambiguous nature of results that vary from low to high doses. In a study conducted in Sweden showed that levels of agitation reduced by 17 per cent over an eight week period. This was only visible when the patients were treated with high doses of paracetamol.

Dementia is a problem that needs to be addressed with utmost scrutiny because it isn't just some memory loss where you forget your cell phone or keys. Dementia may include failure of recognizing family members; something much serious than forgetting everyday items. A positive result may be a silver lining in the dark cloud for thousands of people if the effect of paracetamol produces a favorable result.

It has been proven that agitation levels decrease in people with dementia but the new study proposes to conclude the effect on the memory of healthy people first. Once proved successful, the study would proceed to delve in the possibilities of the same effect in people with dementia.

For now, paracetamol syrups and tablets are also considered one of the prospective candidates for producing the desired effect. Farmson Analgesics is leading manufacturers and suppliers of paracetamol and its generic product throughout Asia.

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